Twenty one days to the day we wrote to the Chief Executive of the Resort Development Organisation – Mr Paul Gardner Bougaard requesting details of the much talked about investigation the RDO are publicising to its members and to the public at large through its friendly organisations TATOC & Kwik Chex/ Timeshare Taskforce.

We surmised that Mr Bougaard’s powerless organisation would stay tight lipped just like his resort members who can sit do nothing as we redress the balance of power between timeshare owners and their Contemptible lying cheating greedy resort owners.

We have instructed our solicitors to a take a very aggressive approach towards the RDO to expose their vindictive vendetta against Praetorian Legal and we will be publishing updates as when our lawyers get a response.

We are not toothless we have teeth and we will bite anyone who dare try and slander our good name. RDO, TATOC, Kwik Chex/ Timeshare Taskforce are top of our list, watch this space!!!

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