Fairways – Pueblo Evita – Tenerife Club Resort

This company are another who refuse to correspond with us or answer any of our questions but find it appropriate behaviour to harass their own timeshare owners, our clients.

However, Fairways are toothless and we have asked them to prove their contract in Court but like all the other timid timeshare resorts they have failed to take action other than to harass our clients.

Like many other timeshare resorts they have no hope of collecting any further monies from our clients so they merely render a useless maintenance fee invoice threatening collection agents.

You have to love these timeshare cowboys, if they think that we are going to be deterred by a futile demand and the threat of powerless debt collectors they are sadly mistaken.

Fairways use Liverpool based debt collectors named Resort Recoveries part of CBC International. Their website is a tacky looking site with bold stand out logo that might appear official to the untrained legal eye.

However, should Fairways instruct these powerless chancers they are quickly dealt with by a single letter from Praetorian Legal. They go running for cover telling us they had no idea there was a dispute. Unfortunately, we are not as green as we are cabbage looking and we don’t believe a word of it however, they exit the Activities as quick if not quicker than they arrived.

The message to Fairways is stop ignoring us and stop trying to scare our clients with threats of Debt Collectors, it is laughable and will not work. We are the real deal and we will make you go all the way to court if you are to have any chance of receiving any money from any of our clients.

What can we say, another timeshare resort living in the dark ages treating timeshare owners with contempt however, on this occasion they having the backing of Praetorian Legal and our expert team of UK Barristers and lawyers who straining at the leash to get Fairways into the UK courts.

So come on Fairways come out of your dark and Prankish shell and show us what you are made of, lets have your day in court and show us how watertight your timeshare agreement really is. Take those all important steps and we will be waiting to show you how good our legal team really is.

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