Positive experience

Our experience with Praetorian Legal was very positive. Our queries were handled extremely well and I would certainly recommend them to my family and friends

Paul & Sue Raine

Caroline is so patient

We would especially like to thank Caroline Tasker who has helped us so patiently during this process. No matter what the query or problem, she has always been positive about the outcome. Thank you

Mr and Mrs Chandler

Caroline Tasker was Brilliant

We are particularly pleased with the way that Caroline Tasker has helped us through this difficult time and put our minds at rest when faced with the demands from MGM Resorts. The service from Praetorian Legal has been very positive

Stuart Wilson

Praetorian Stuck at it and Got a result.

The timeshare company made it very difficult for Praetorian to deal with them. However, Praetorian stuck at it and eventually achieved a successful outcome. In the last few months, Christopher Williams has been excellent at chasing up Anfi and getting a good result for us. Thank you

Mr and Mrs Wright

Extrmeley Pleased

I was extremely pleased with the service from Praetorian Legal. The staff were very helpful and patient dealing with my queries

E Thomas

A great relief to be extracted from the burden of timeshare

My experience with Praetorian Legal was really positive. The service took much shorter than expected and Praetorian Legal handed all my queries really well. Your service met all my expectations and resulted in great relief that I have been extracted from the burden of timeshare. Thanks, Praetorian

A Smith

Praetorian handled my queries very well

Karen, Jenny and Rebecca were all very helpful over the years, thank you.

Christine Saaler

"Wish we had found you earlier!"

We are over the moon. What a relief to find Praetorian Legal who actually do what they say and not to have to pay up front. We have been through hell the past 12 years and just wish we had found you earlier!

Mr & Mrs Clark

"We are most grateful to the team"

We have been very impressed with our dealings with Praetorian Legal. It is vital to have a fully experienced legal team to deal with the very complex timeshare cancellation process and we have been delighted with the professional manner in which our claim has been handled. We would never have been able to do this by ourselves. We are most grateful to the team at Praetorian Legal for their work on our behalf.

Mr & Mrs Dalrymple

"Peace of mind"

Your assurance that we have finally been extricated from our timeshare contract has provided us with peace of mind, Thank you so much.

Mr & Mrs Hammond

"First Class Service"

The guys at Praetorian were very good at replying to my queries and provided a first class service.

Mr R Fisher

"Excellent service"

We are very happy with the excellent service provided by Praetorian Legal

Mr & Mrs Pike

"A1 Helpful Service!"

A1 Helpful Service! Thank you!

Mr R Brown

"The service you provide is excellent"

Thank you for helping me with my timeshare relinquishment claim. The service you provide is excellent.

Mr D Evans

"Very happy"

We have been very happy with the service that we have received so far.

Mr & Mrs Tanner

"No Messing"

Everything has been carried out with no messing. It has been very easy for us.

Mr A Macfetters

"Pleased with the excellent service"

We are both very pleased with the excellent service provided. We shall continue to use Praetorian in dealing with other matters and also recommend you to other friends should they require assistance.

Mr & Mrs Harris

"Positive and encouraging"

Our inital communications with you have been very positive and encouraging. Overall we have found Praetorian to be very satisfactory!

Mr & Mrs Armstrong

"Excellent experience"

I have had an excellent experience in using Praetorian and everything was resolved quicker than I had expected.

Mr J Smallman

"Pleasantly surprised"

We were sceptical of what could be achieved by someone like Praetorian but we were pleasantly surprised and will definitely recommend them to our friends.

Mr & Mrs Binks

"Couldn't of asked a better outcome"

Couldn't of asked a better outcome and thank you for all your hard work.

Mr & Mrs Rowe

"Supported us through every step"

Praetorian supported us through every step of the claims process and for that we are very grateful.

Mr & Mrs Hartley

"Assisting me through a difficult time"

After not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for so long I cannot thank Praetorian enough for assisting me through a difficult time.

Ms L Marshall

"Explained everything clearly and concisely"

As people who are totally unfamiliar with undertaking such action Praetorian explained everything clearly and concisely and reassured us which was a relief.

Mr J and Mrs G Vernal

"Helped put my mind to rest"

Praetorian helped put my mind to rest on the whole matter.

Ms D Jenns

"Someone has finally listened"

We are glad that someone has finally listened to us and been able to assist. Hopefully you will be able to settle our claim soon.

Mr & Mrs Ellis

"Delighted with the service so far"

We are delighted with the service so far and are hopeful of a successful resolution to our timeshare release claim.

Mr & Mrs Needham

"Your service was excellent"

Our timeshare relinquishment case was handled well and your service was excellent

Mr & Mrs Popely

"You kept us informed"

You kept us informed at every stage of our timeshare claim and the length of time it took was what we expected. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Cutts

"Thank You"

Just thank you for getting it sorted. It's such a relief to have cancelled my timeshare.

Mrs C Bentley

"Grateful for you taking on my timeshare relinquishment claim"

I am grateful for you taking on my timeshare relinquishment claim. I have had a timeshare for over 30 years and I must say I have enjoyed it. I am now 82 years old and I find I cannot afford the maintenance fees and high insurance.

Mrs D Walsh

"Thank you very much"

The whole timeshare release process was a lot shorter than I had expected. I would like to thank you all very much and wish you a happy new year.

Mr J Quinn

"Without fuss or debate"

We have not had any contact or letters from our former timeshare company. You have done the work required without fuss or debate, Thank you.

Mr M Cage

"Very supportive and professional"

Your staff were very supportive and professional in their duties. A great weight has now been lifted from our shoulders. Every query about our timeshare release claim however small was attended to in the same caring way.

Mr & Mrs Lloyd

"Relief from worry"

Thank you for the help we received in relinquishing our Club La Costa timeshare and relief from worry.

Mr Rudolph & Mrs Clark

"Thank you for all your help"

We thank you for all your help with our timeshare cancellation claim even though the owner has refused to agree with you. It puts our minds at rest to know you are only a phone call away to help if needed.

Mr & Mrs Potter

"Efficient and friendly service"

Good response to e-mails and phonecalls. Very efficient and friendly timeshare cancellation service.

Mr & Mrs De Sadeleer

"Very well handled"

Our timeshare release claim was very well handled. It was exactly what were were told at the first meeting. Thank you.

Mr R Tilley

"Highly recommended"

A very positive experience which ended in a successful timeshare claim against Diamond Resorts. Highly recommended.

Mr R Sinden

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