What is Timeshare Termination?

Many thousands of people in the UK have timeshare or holiday club agreements. Typically, people sign up for legal rights to a timeshare giving them exclusive access to the property (or apartment within a holiday club) for a set week or number of weeks each year. However, getting out of a timeshare contract can be extremely difficult.

Although some resorts assure owners that they can walk away from timeshare contracts on request, in reality the situation is not so clear cut. It is in the resorts’ interest to keep you tied into your contract and responsible for paying ongoing fees and charges.

A number of our clients had been trying to extricate themselves from timeshare ownership contracts unsuccessfully for a number of years, before approaching Praetorian Legal. We provide timeshare owners with a cost effective, straightforward timeshare release service which means you are no longer legally viable for ongoing fees and rising maintenance costs.

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How can we help with Timeshare Termination?

Praetorian Legal has been working exclusively in the timeshare termination field for over three years. In that time we have successfully negotiated over 2200 timeshare termination contracts and won our clients compensation/financial settlements totalling £500,000.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service, ensuring we maintain an open relationship with our customers throughout the process, from initial consultation through to termination of contract and allocation of funds.

We do not charge upfront fees before a timeshare termination by way of a fully underwritten legal indemnity or an amicable agreement is reached.

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Why use Praetorian Legal?

We are legally trained professionals who operate within the ethics laid down within the legal profession

We do not operate as Solicitors and as such we can keep our costs low and affordable

All our work is carried out to a high professional standard, we strive to ensure all our clients are fully satisfied from initial consultation through to settlement

Should your matter require further specialist assistance we use our own preferred barristers with whom we have a close working relationship

We fuse traditional values of approachable personal service with a commitment to the highest quality, professional legal advice

We strive to fulfil our company philosophy of “managing the clients expectations”

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