TATOC 2015 – Dealing with Claims Companies

RDO advice to resort owners when dealing with Claims Companies:

“The letters from claims companies are often pitifully generic, not carrying a member name, company registration number, or a Consent Form from their client – your owner or club member. Be pedantic in your response, be proactive and test them, and you may find they are not so forthcoming in their response to you.”

Observation: This is the height of intelligence! how can one be both pedantic and proactive at the same time? Unbelievable!!!!

“Don’t panic. Be robust, be firm and be polite. Write your response, leave it for a day or so, and then go back to re-read it and if you are still happy with it, send it.”

Observation: Be robust, be firm!! Commonly referred to as a tautology Mr Miskelly!!!

We applaud the efforts of the RDO’s Legislative Council Chairman, Mr Eugene Miskelly, in summing up claims companies so eloquently, as above. RCI Ventures full article can be seen here>>> http://www.rciventures.com/tatoc-2015-dealing-with-claims-companies

Whilst appearing to criticise the Government’s decision to open up the market of legal services to provide consumers with a cheaper alternative to Lawyers he dismisses the role and threat claims companies have towards the timeshare industry. Perhaps banks took the exact same view whilst considering their options when being overrun with PPI claims and repaying billions of pounds in compensation for mis-sold insurance products, sound familiar? It ought to, as timeshare resorts are now facing the very same problem.

The bedrock of timeshare selling has been lies, lies and more lies, makes the PPI scandal sound like the voice of an angel. The timeshare industry have perpetrated an all-out indiscriminate ripping off of timeshare owners for over twenty years and now the balance is about to be redressed they now feel hard done by, well the news is: nobody cares a jot about those who are about to get their just deserts.

How can we put it, THE FIGHT IS ON!

The bad news for the timeshare resorts is they are under the cosh as judgements in the Spanish higher courts come thick and fast. Floating weeks unlawful, In-Perpetuity unfair and unenforceable and Fragmentary awaiting its fate in future legal actions no doubt. As the heartbeat of timeshare begins to slow the vultures are poised and ready to pick over the carcass of a rotting industry that has caused so much financial pain and heartache to its faithful as a sense of retribution fills the air.

Could Mr Miskelly be a distant relative of the violin player who played so steadfastly and undeterred as the Titanic sank slowly, helplessly beneath waves and into the dark and chilling abyss. Mr Miskelly’s performance in addressing the proliferation of claims companies entering the timeshare industry is reminiscence of this historical disaster but the stricken vessel on this occasion is the broken ship Timeshare.

It is ironic that two organisations (RDO & TATOC) that supposed to represent the interests of the consumer are so determined to take timeshare owners and resort owners into battle and observe as their industry implodes. The truth is claims management companies are making an impact on this industry and their attempts to avoid their advances are highlighting and fuelling the onslaught but crucially starving timeshare resorts of financial gain. Resorts cannot survive without cash flow from maintenance fees so they will eventually have to co-operate either by taking legal action or entering into dialogue to which they are avoiding at present.

Whatever action they take from this point forward we will beat a path toward fairness and transparency as they simply will not be able sustain their existence doing nothing and not addressing the problem. The greater the resistance the more people come to us to seek our help as claims management has proven it is a sustainable and effective method of getting results in other sectors. The only problem is the timeshare industry have not yet woken up to the fact that we are knocking on their door, it is only a matter of time before we break it down.

Mr Miskelly may well proffer his advice as to how to deal with claims companies’ advances but it is the claims companies who hold the aces if resorts are being starved of income. The art of warfare is simple,

1. know your enemy. In this case we know that timeshare resorts will not take legal action based on their unenforceable unfair agreements.

2. Besiege your enemy, starve them until they surrender and victory is imminent.

Where do we go from here, onwards and upwards!!!!! Back to the drawing board for Mr Miskelly and his dealing with claims companies strategy!!!!

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