BEWARE THE AXIS OF EVIL ARE AT WORK! – RDO, TATOC, Timeshare Taskforce, Kwik Chex

In George Bush’s address to the State of the Union on the 29 January 2002 he used the phrase ‘Axis of Evil’ to describe the countries who subscribed to the use and stock heaping of ‘weapons of mass destruction. The Axis of Evil was used to pinpoint the common enemies of the United States and rally support in the fight against terrorism.

We use this very same phrase “Axis of Evil”, to pinpoint the common enemies and conspirators within the timeshare industry today, these being:

With a CV that reads like that would you employ any of these organisations? If you read their websites, they all purport to be helping the timeshare owners combat the timeshare industries’ scammers, and offer the consumer great help and advice.

Amongst other things they are, so they say; cleaning up the industry, closing down the scammer, bring criminal prosecutions, working with enforcement agencies, returning millions of pounds to people who have been scammed. There appears to be a distinct lack of evidence in support of all these bold claims but who cares this is timeshare and in the world of timeshare anything goes.

So if all of these organisations are now so concerned it begs the question why is the timeshare industry in such a turmoil, so much so that you would probably sell an overweight three legged racehorse quicker than one week of timeshare. The answer is simple, the Axis of Evil are at work confusing your senses as did the clever deceptive resort sales representative when they sold you your timeshare.

We suspect you were told:

  • Timeshare is an investment —- We would probably agree it is an investment – a very bad one
  • It will only increase in value —- Hindsight is said to be a wonderful thing – but sadly not many made good use of hindsight and the value of timeshare is ‘worthless – by and large’
  • Supply will always out strip demand —- There is certainly a supply, so they are partially correct – but failed badly on their assumptions that there will always be a demand.
  • You can just hand it back when you don’t want it any more —- What fool would grab a red hot poker? Not a timeshare resort owner that’s for sure.
  • You and your family will have holidays for life —- and maintenance fees!!! but don’t worry when you die we’ll make sure your maintenance fees are paid all you have to do is RIP.
  • The offer is only available today and today only! —- and the next day and the next day and the next day and as long as we can keep taking your money.
  • If you sign today I will ask my Manager if I can do a special deal just for you— it was a very special deal, so special in fact that the rep received a gold Rolex for selling a timeshare for double the usual price.
  • You don’t have buy anything and you can walk away at any time —- Hello pleased to meet you, I am your sales rep today and my name is Pinocchio

So you get the picture that all is not well in the world of timeshare after many years of selling abuse the resorts are now plotting their next move facilitated by the Axis of Evil. What that next move will be only time will tell but one thing is for certain the Axis of Evil will not fool us and we will continue expose their hidden agenda at every opportunity.

Don’t be you be fooled by the Axis of Evil, the timeshare conspirators, if you have a timeshare problem contact us now and let us rid you of your timeshare hell.