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Reported “Timeshare Con Victims 80 Million Pound Refund!” is Misquoted by UK National Newspaper – The Mail

We recently commented on this Blog upon an extraordinary claim made in a story published by a respected national UK newspaper, The Mail in their “This is Money” consumer column. The article was written by journalist Sarah Bridge who we emailed and telephoned asking for clarification on her article and the source of her information. astonishingly, Ms Bridge did not reply to our email nor did she reply to our voicemail message that we left for her. [/two_third_last]

However, it has been noted from a subsequent article published online by one of the parties named within Ms Bridge’s article, Kwik Chex, Christopher Emmins and the Timeshare Task Force, that the story was inaccurate and the figures quoted would appear to be have been grossly exaggerated. We are not sure why a respected national newspaper would report upon something without qualifying there source of information or the accuracy of it.

It can be seen that from a recent online entry http://www.timesharetaskforce.org/timeshare-con-victims-given-80m-refund-as-task-force-tries-to-clean-up-industrys-tarnished-reputation/ that there is a very small mention of Ms Bridges’ article being inaccurate and that the actual amount recovered by the timeshare ‘chumps’ Kwik Chex is now a mere 100,000.00 Euros. This figure is unsubstantiated so we must assume like the 80 Million it is an imaginary figure dreamt up by the timeshare fraternity and Kwik Chex.

How could this mistake have happened? Could it have been a typographical error that the eagle eyed Mail editor overlooked? Highly unlikely as 80 Million and 100,000 on the QWERTY keyboard are polls apart. Could it be exaggerated journalism? We may be getting nearer to the truth but as there is no conclusive proof of this then we must not fall into the trap of publishing anything that we do not believe to be true. We cannot get away with this, we are not a national newspaper!

Could it be that Kwik Chex and Mr Emmins plucked a figure from thin air and Sarah Bridge The Mail journalist published it upon Mr Emmins’ say so. Hard to believe but Mr Emmins does appear to have the cunning charm and ability to have people believe him. Let’s face it he has convinced the RDO and TATOC of his ability to clean up their grubby industry.

However, what cannot be so easily forgotten is Mr Emmins’ rather tainted past dealings as a serial company director who has left his creditors many thousands of pounds out of pocket and his string of failed company directorships, see a list of Mr Emmins failed companies here>>>>>

On a final thought it begs the question why he is so popular with the The Mail who he always appears to be quoting on his website? Perhaps The Mail does not have access to Companies House records. Whatever the reason The Mail appear quite happy to quote Mr Emmins or in this particular instance misreport.

Our view is that anything published by Kwik Chex, Timeshare Business Check, Timeshare Business Check and Mr Emmins should be viewed with extreme caution and scepticism as this present situation goes to prove that what Mr Emmins and his so called online reputation company Kwik Chex report, is about as predictable and reliable as the weather.

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