We have received yet another report of Resort Solutions writing to another of our clients advising them that Praetorian Legal are a ‘fraudulent’ company. We are yet to receive a copy of the offending letter but the client was rather alarmed by the content of the Resort Solutions letter, so she said.

It is quite ironic that Resort Solutions should put such comments in writing or even that they should make such a comment in the knowledge that we have successfully defended formal proceedings issue by one of the timeshare resorts that they manage. The proceedings even had their address referenced on them, yet they insist that we are a fraudulent operation. The censored proceedings that were served upon our client by Lakeview Country Club managed by Resort Solutions can viewed here>>>>>>>>

We can only stand back in amazement and wonder why this organisation can be so unprofessional and make such a statement, in writing. We have instructed our own solicitors to take action against Resort Solutions in libel. This is not the first experience we have had with organisation as can be seen on this Blog. Our own solicitors have written to Resort Solutions previously but have received no reply.

The next stage is to issue proceedings against this organisation an action we will be taking if they fail to reply to further letters now being sent by our solicitors. We will be publishing a copy of Resort Solutions’ letter on this Blog upon receipt of the letter from our client along with an update from our own solicitors as to the allegations of libel that have been made to Resort Solutions.

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