Resort Solutions Limited of Market Harborough, Leicestershire are the management company behind many timeshare resorts and we have had numerous dealings with this organisation on behalf of our clients.

This organisation have a unique way of dealing with our correspondence. When they receive a Praetorian Legal letter challenging a client’s timeshare agreement the first thing they do is write to the client and warn them that we are a scam company or a company of infamy thereby warning the timeshare owner to stop dealing with ourselves.

They then go onto tell the owners that there is no way out of their timeshare agreement and that the best thing to do is ignore our advice and pay their maintenance fees like good people. They are also fond of telling people they had no part in the sales process, so all told, the challenge to the agreement would not succeed.

Unfortunately, we are not discouraged by this organisation or what they say as it is nonsense. The fact is they are allegedly collecting money on behalf of timeshare resort owners who’s claim for maintenance fees allegedly came into force at the point of sale thus giving the timeshare resort the right to claim annual maintenance fees from the timeshare owner(s). Please keep this in mind.

Under the very same agreement Resort Solutions seek to claim maintenance fees on behalf of the Resort owners from the timeshare owner but say they that the sales process was nothing to do with them. They are however trying to enforce payment under the very same agreement they say is nothing to do with them. In terms of privity of contract we would probably agree with them as they are acting as a management agent but in terms of paying maintenance fees then the only agreement we can point to is the one the owners signed at the point of sale.

So Resort Solutions you need to try much harder if think that writing to our clients trying to bring us into disrepute is going to resolve the problem, it won’t! Resort Solutions are the company who managed the Lakeview timeshare resort in Bodmin, Cornwall. Lakeview issue legal proceedings on the  02 June 2014 against one of our clients giving the Resort Solutions address for service. Upon receiving the said proceedings we raised a substantive defence on behalf of our client.

See the redacted proceedings by clicking here

Upon receipt of our Defence to those proceedings Lakeview via their solicitors Wilson Browne of Kettering, Northants contacted us to appealed for the proceedings to be discontinued. It would appear that the issuing of proceedings was an ill thought out attempt to bully our client into paying his annual maintenance fees. They didn’t really want to go to court but thought that they could frighten and bully our client into submission.

Lakeview’s solicitors tried desperately to seek our consent to drop the proceedings but to no avail, we were not willing to merely allow them to drop their own proceedings. In utter hopelessness Lakeview wrote to the court and paid the court to discontinue their own proceedings. This is an embarrassing situation when a Claimant in legal proceedings is so desperate to drop their own proceedings they are forced to discontinue them themselves.

Click Here to view a copy of the redacted Notice of Discontinuation

It is also worth mentioning that one of the Lakeview owners/ senior committee members is no other than Mr Harry Taylor the owner operator of TATOC. Now TATOC for those of you who are unfamiliar with this organisation is the self-proclaimed timeshare owners consumer association, in short the timeshare consumer champions! This is a membership organisation where timeshare owners can purchase a membership and receive great advice in any timeshare dispute or situation, if the timeshare resort get embroiled in a dispute with one of their owners they immediately refer them to TATOC. Guess what the timeshare resort are also a member of TATOC, how handy is that? It can all be dealt under under one roof, behind closed doors never to see the sunshine setting over the timeshare resort again!

So, you get into a dispute with the timeshare resort and to resolve it they refer you to TATOC and TATOC is owned and operated by a person who is heavily connect to resort ownership. So now you are dealing with the ‘enemy within’, we rest our case and they have the audacity to call us a scam organisation!

This is Resort Solutions and TATOC. Read more about TATOC here on our Blog

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