First of all let us look at TATOC, the self-proclaimed timeshare owner’s consumer champion, owned and managed by a gentleman by the name of Mr Harry Taylor.

We have only recently become of aware of Mr Taylor since we suddenly found our details posted upon his website. A warning was posted about our activities and our cold calling activities.

When we approached Mr Taylor about these unsubstantial claims and threatened him with legal action he immediately engaged his Birmingham based law firm, Shakespeares. We simply asked Mr Taylor to prove his allegations and we threatened an Application to the courts for disclosure of information relating to complainants to whom Mr Taylor alleged had made complaints to him about ourselves.

After many weeks of pressing Mr Taylor’s lawyers to disclose the identity of the complainants he issued via his solicitors an unequivocal apology stating that the complainant made their complaints in ‘strict confidence’ and disclosure of their details was refused. We know he did not have any complaints but we have to remember that  this is timeshare and the words truth and trust are omitted from the Timeshare  Resort Owners Dictionary.

Just one further point to note here, during our email exchange with Mr Taylor he clearly referred to ‘complanants’ in the plural sense having us believe he had received numerous complaints about us.  However, upon reading his solicitor’s apology it is noted that he refers to ‘complaint’ in the singular sense.  So to sum matters up TATOC only require one complaint to issue a scam warning on their website and not only one complaint they do not even need to give the complained about the right to defend themselves before labelling them a scam. TATOC= Judge & Jury, Mr Taylor you and your organisation are dispicable!

Now it doesn’t require a legal brain to realise that if you make an allegation against someone you need to prove your case, the person has the right of knowledge of the  misdemeanor in order to defend him/herself. Mr Taylor could not prove his case so unprovoked, unsubstantiated attack number one defended and countered, victory to Praetorian Legal! As the saying goes ‘I think we’ve won the battle but not the war’

  1. However, Mr Taylor found it appropriate to press ahead and publish damaging material on his website about Praetorian Legal. We can only draw our own assumptions from Mr Taylor’s actions: deceitful, spiteful and malicious!
  2. He refused to provide details of the complainants. Was there ever any complainants? We doubt it and we consider his actions were deceitful, vendictive and malicious with the sole intention to cause us harm and disrepute.

He issued an apology via his solicitors as to avoid us taking any further action to expose his dishonest, vendictive and malicious intention towards our organisation. Copy of the letter of apology can be seen by clicking here

Whilst this ends the TATOC attack upon Praetorian Legal we are to engage with Mr Taylor once again within his capacity as an owner of a UK timeshare resort by the name of Lakeview Country Club located in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Stop!!!! Is this the same Mr Taylor who is the consumer champion and owner operator of TATOC (Timeshare Association & Timeshare Owners Club) that is an elected consumer body set up to represent the interests of timeshare owners (the words of TATOC not ours) We consider this description of TATOC to be a complete misrepresentation of fact as it is well documented that TATOC is funded or part funded by the RDO and timeshare resorts.  Consumers paying TATOC membership fees should seek legal advice as to whether they can take action against TATOC for their misrepresentation.

Yes, the very same Mr Taylor appears to be part owner or senior committee member of Lakeview Country Club in Cornwall. We must assume this, as it was his name that appeared on the court proceedings issued in Northampton County Court by his solicitors, Wilson Browne of Kettering, Northants, upon a client of ours for non-payment of maintenance fees.

A copy of the redacted proceedings can be viewed by clicking here

You will clearly see Mr Taylor’s name cited as the Claimant on the proceedings along with other members of Lakeview Country Club.

It begs the question how can someone profess to be a consumer champion dedicated to fighting for the rights of the timeshare owners, fighting the resort owners to which he is one of them. Traitor, turncoat, collaborator, TATOC profess to be the timeshare resort overseers keeping resorts in check fighting for the rights of timeshare owners.

So let’s see what others think of TATOC please follow the links 1 & 2 below


Before you peruse the Timeshare Consumer Association link let us conclude by telling you the outcome of Mr Taylor’s legal action against one of our clients.

We raised a Defence to Mr Taylor’s claim against our client, and through his solicitors Wilson Browne, Mr Taylor capitulated and offered to pay the cost of discontinuing the claim against our client. Here is Mr Taylor’s Notice of Discontinuation – click here

Mr Taylor halted his own proceedings this is proof that the timeshare contracts are uncertain otherwise why would Mr Taylor issue proceedings and discontinue them.  He did it because he thought he could frighten our client into paying but when faced with a robust defence from our legal counsel he became very nervous.

Judge for yourselves Mr Harry Taylor the man who owns and operates TATOC for the benefit of the timeshare owners but paid by the RDO and the resorts he claims to fight, on behalf of (you) the timeshare owners!!!

  1. Friend or Foe?
  2. Would you trust such a person?
  3. Would you believe such a person?

If you answered (NO) to any of the above think twice before getting involved with TATOC. If you have a disagreement with your resort they will always refer you to TATOC……You now know the reason why!

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