Kwik Chex are a company employed by the RDO and championed to resort owners as the company who will help them purify the timeshare industry of all things bad.

Before we discuss the role of Kwik Chex, let us just examine who they are and what they do.

Kwik Chex are supposed to be an online reputation protection business, many people will not understand what this is because it is often a service provided to corporate organisations who have suffered online abuse or damage to their reputation, similar to what TATOC and Kwik Chex have tried to do to Praetorian Legal.

So Kwik Chex protect one’s online reputation.

Let us just look how effective they have been in carrying out this role as online ‘global’ status experts by looking at their own online reputation.

Please follow the links below to a recent posting that appeared on the internet telling us about the Kwik Chex business.

You will observe from the full-scale article that it details the role and services of the Kwik Chex business. The article would be defamatory if it wasn’t true but as the self-professed online reputation company have failed to have the offending article removed, they either agree that the content is true and accurate or their role as business reputation protectors is totally Inefficient.

We think it is a combination of both, the allegations cannot be denied so they cannot take action to remove them and their reputation service is totally ineffective and ‘does NOT do what it says on the tin’ to coin a phrase.

Upon our investigation with Companies House the details in respect of the Director Mr Emmins appear to be true and accurate. Companies House records show Mr Emmins is a serial company Director with a string of failed companies and a debt of approx £ 550,000.00 owing to his creditors.

This is the person that the RDO, TATOC and the rosrt owners have entrusted to clean up the timeshare industry. We think the RDO must have applied the old adage ‘it takes a thief to catch thief’!!!!

Not to imply that Mr Emmins is a ‘thief’ but to imply that he is challenged with investigating others when his past is possibly as bad if not worse in respect of his credibility and trading history. We think this maybe why his job prospects in many other areas of life would be restricted but not here in Timeshare.

Link number two, below, leads us to Kwik Chex advices in respect of an American legal action upon which they advised their client to run a multi-million dollar litigation through the American courts against the internet giant Trip Advisor which was thrown out by the court with a scathing attack on Kwik Chex’s advices by the US courts.

This is classic case of ‘little boys trying to do men’s work’. What fool would dabble in a multi million pound legal action probably without any legal protection insurance for adverse costs and in Mr Emmins case no Professional Indemnity to cover his negligent advice? Answer: Chris Emmins Kwik Chex (Founder & CEO).

Finally, Kwik Chex timeshare clean up identity is The Timeshare Task Force and Timeshare Business Check all powered by Kwik Chex. This is now all sounding important but for most people it is probably absolutely confusing, well that’s the idea. Timeshare love the sound of something that sounds important and grand but take one look ‘behind the curtain’ and there stands the timeshare jester, Mr Chris Emmins.

So enter Time Share Task Force a Kwik Chex company that contacted ourselves in March 2014 around the same time as TATOC published libellous material on their website about Praetorian Legal, coincidence? We think not!

The purpose of Timeshare Task Force’s enquiry to us was to ask us if we would be interested in taking on timeshare termination cases that they could refer to us. We told them we were not interested in them or any work they could offer to us.

After receiving that telephone call a website entry relating to Praetorian Legal was entered on the Timeshare Business Check website, remember, powered by Kwik Chex!

The entry gave all the details Kwik Chex had obtained from Companies House but included an entry saying ‘This business refused to co-operate with our enquiries’ and proceeded to issue a scam alert in big red letters on their website.

We wrote to Mr Emmins, the serial company director, who replied in a gentlemanly manner outlining our failures.

However it is our contention that Mr Emmins and his chain of pseudo investigatory people and companies have no right to any information about anything or anyone within our organisation. He has no mandate or credentials which allow him powers of investigation.

However, if you choose not to comply or provide answers his enquiry he prints what he feels appropriate whether it be the truth, or not, similar to the TATOC website situation.

We are currently surveillance Mr Emmins activities and these pseudo investigation companies of his and should he make any further attempts to publish libelous material we will take robust action against him.

So to complete the trilogy here is link number three which sums up Mr Emmins, the Timeshare Task Force, Timeshare Business Check and last but not least the online reputation company Kwik Chex.

Please follow the link below for Timeshare Business Check>>>>>

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