[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left”]https://www.praetorianlegal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/timeshare-elimination-shop-e1407280149691.jpg[/image_frame]This is another timeshare resort organisation masquerading as something that it is not. We have recently been made aware of Praetorian Legal appearing on the Timeshare Elimination website as a scam.

This organisation is owned and operated by a gentleman by the name of Steve Keen and operated from a run down shop front in a side street in Bridgend in Wales. To all intent and purpose his appalling website site littered with spelling errors and poor grammar purports to sell and exchange timeshares. Contrary to this belief he is heavily involved with resort management companies and we are reliably informed that the his site is merely a front in order to cause confusion and doubt amongst timeshare owners.

We will explain further, he has been purposely set up to create the impression that he is assisting timeshare owners out of their timeshares. However, this is merely a guise in order to peddle negative publicity towards anyone who is actually trying to help timeshare owners exit their timeshare.

If you take a look at his website and in particular his Blog postings you will note that when he makes an adverse Blog posting about another organisation the blog posting rarely receive any interest or any other external comments to them. However, we are also informed that he often posts replies to his own Blog threads himself so as to give the impression others have commented on his Blog.

If you can manage to read and understand some of his posts he is attacking anyone who does the same as he is supposed to be doing, helping people out of their their timeshare.

Ask yourself this question how can his organisation be the only organisation that isn’t a scam according to what he posts on his blog. He lists so many scam companies it is quite unbelievable. Why is he doing this? Like the saying goes ‘there’s no such things as a free lunch’. Have we really found the only genuine timeshare salesman on the planet? Who’s paying him? Well read on!

If he is helping people like we are, why does he need to highlight scams to ward people off and why is he so driven to provide what appears to be in depth analyse about others? we would suggest he has a hidden agenda.

Furthermore, if you look at his source of information he cuts and pastes sections from the RDO funded organisation Kwik Chex to whom we have written about here in our own Blog.

For anyone who missed the information on Kwik Chex and its associated organisations in our other threads please peruse the links below that relate to: Kwik Chex , TATOC, Timeshare Task Force & Timeshare Check.

So if you look closely at Mr Keen’s website his information is gathered by following the aforementioned websites and generally picking up unsubstantiated material across the internet.

This in our in our mind suggests that the information we have been provided about Mr Keen is reliable as we can clearly see the deception in his website and Blog and if he is performing a like or similar service to ourselves why would his site be more geared to exposing so called scams than doing what he is best at, presumably selling, exchanging and terminating timeshares? We will ask again who’s paying him? You make up your own mind but all the evidence and Blog entries point to his organisation working closely with resort owners.

We do not particularly wish to join in the timeshare circus but the we think that it needs an organisation to stand up to the online trolling and bullying of the timeshare fraternity who are deliberately causing owners confusion.

Timeshare Elimination and Mr Keen are a sham organisation in league with the timeshare resort owners, created and operated for the benefit of the resorts.

In our favour we have just been extensively quoted in a media article in the Scottish Herald put together by a respected journalist Mr Simon Bain. Mr Bain is working tirelessly to expose the inequity of timeshare agreements and their lack of termination and exit clauses. You can peruse the press article below.


Mr Bain has taken the time to investigate our organisation and we have provided him with extensive knowledge about the work we are doing with our expert legal team consisting of Barristers and other law firms to eventually bring timeshare cases before the court in the UK to obtain clarity. We have been asked to make further contributions towards a follow up article due to be published very soon.

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