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This Is Money: Timeshare con victims given £80m refund as Task Force tries to clean up industry’s blemished reputation


This Is Money is a consumer page of the national newspaper The Mail and The Mail Online. It reports that timeshare con victims have benefited to the tune of 80 million pounds brought about by the timeshare industry appointed watchdog Timeshare Task Force which it says was formed just one short year ago. See This Is Money article here>>> http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2754835/Timeshare-victims-given-80m-refund-Task-Force-tries-clean-industrys-tarnished-reputation.html

We would suggest that these are very bold claims and it begs the question how is the figure quoted (80 million pounds) substantiated and from what source was the information was gathered. One would think that journalists would qualify such claims so it would be interesting to obtain clarification from the newspaper as to what evidence they saw to substantiate such claims.

Let us examine the facts, we are told that Timeshare Task Force began operating one year ago and in just one year they have, quote ‘given timeshare con victims 80 million in refunds’ this is the claim. Does anyone believe this? Is there any proof or actual figures or hard evidence to back up these extraordinary claims? We are in the process of writing to This Is Money to enquire as to their source of information and to invite them to provide us with evidence of their claims. It will be interesting to see what reply we receive.

The Timeshare Task Force is operated by a company called Kwik Chex, this is a company owned by a Mr Christopher Anthony Emmins. Mr Emmins is a serial company director with string of failed and dissolved companies stretching across back to 1990 according to the Companies House public records, see Mr Emmins’ director report from Companies House by clicking here.

Kwik Chex is an online reputation company, very apt considering the Kwik Chex director Mr Emmins is a person with such a poor past record of dissolved and liquidated companies leaving his creditor hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket. If his own personal reputation is anything to go by then it goes without saying that his online reputation company is ineffective.

If you or anyone you know has benefited from a share of the 80 million pounds timeshare refunds purported to have been returned to timeshare con victims, we would like to hear from you. We are expecting to be inundated with people telling us about their share of the 80 million pounds recovered in one year by The Timeshare Task and Mr Emmins, fact or fiction?

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