Daniels Silverman are the debt collectors of choice for several timeshare resorts. We have a hotline email to Daniels Silverman’s Wareham collection centre.

Now, when we write to the various timeshare resorts summarizing our client’s position we always send our initial letters via international registered post. We often receive notification that the letter has been signed for but rarely do we receive a reply.

The timeshare resort’s favourite tactic is to send the matter to the debt collectors of choice. Enter Daniels Silverman equipped with their hobnailed boots. Our clients receive the usual ‘shock and awe’ threats within their standard letters.

This approach is short lived once we get involved as we know that these debt collectors have no teeth and only depend on people being frightened of their threats and paying up, leading to them to receive a nice fat commission for a threatening letter sealed and delivered.

However, when they receive our equally threatening email from ourselves pointing out to them that they merely add nuisance value and have no power of enforcement of a disputed debt, they melt away like snow in the timeshare sun. Their threats are of court action and added costs are a complete misrepresentation of fact.

The majority of timeshare maintenance demands we deal with on average range between £ 500.00 and £ 2,000.00 and are under the £ 10,000.00 Small Claims court limit so costs and added charges are unrecoverable from the losing party. Therefore, in the unlikely event that the matter proceeds to court and we were to lose (very unlikely) our client would pay nothing more than what they owe in maintenance fees with the addition of a very small court and interest which is very minimal with the amounts involved here.

Again these alleged additional fees are a frightening tactic and the risk is little to nil in timeshare litigation as we have proven by inviting timeshare resorts to issue proceedings. So Daniels Silverman, your ‘plastic letters’ threatening our clients are waste paper bin material.

It should be pointed out that that once we have emailed Daniels Silverman outlining our position we are advised that they are no longer instructed. It should be noted that we always report their conduct to the various government agencies (Trading Standards Institute and FCA) as when their client neglect our correspondence and instruct them, it is considered to be harassment.

We are sure that we will be communicating and reporting this organisation for harassment many times in the future until they realise their clients cannot simply ignore us.

We will keep this Blog updated with Daniels Silverman’s future conduct and tactics.

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