If you are a timeshare owner and happen to have stumbled upon a website called Timeshare Taskforce then BEWARE. This is the site set up by the very people who are determined to keep you in timeshare misery.

The initiative was setup by the RDO (Resort Development Organisation) who as many of you will know are the organisation who control and supposedly police the timeshare industry and resorts. Let us make it clear here, they are money people and are only interested in resort owners interests, they have no interest in timeshare owners (you). Contrary to their marketing and public statements in respect of making resorts better for timeshare owners their only interest is in resort owners and management to ensure the resorts make profit from you.

They (RDO) are heavily interconnected to other timeshare bodies like TATOC and of late they have launched the Timeshare Taskforce initiative which is fronted by Kwik Chex and a Mr Christopher Emmins. The launch of the Timeshare Taskforce is nothing but a smokescreen to have the public, press and any other unsuspecting fool believe that the timeshare industry is addressing its poor reputation and past failings. However, as we all are all told, prevention is better than cure and had they not allowed the timeshare industry to fall so badly into disrepute they would not need to fix it. This may give you some perspective as to who and what you are dealing with as you sit pondering upon your in perpetuity agreement and the thousands of pounds these people have taken from you and your fellow timeshare owners. Having allowed years of mis-selling and timeshare selling scams to go unchecked whilst the timeshare resorts sat back wallowed in the hard earned cash they took from you, they now want you to trust them to put things right.

They now want to help you and give you advice and warn you about the many scams that await you when trying to rid yourself of your timeshare but in real terms it is these very people who have cultivated these scams and allowed these timeshare fraudsters to thrive and feed upon your misery and your hard earned money. They now want you to confide in them and have belief that they will steer you through the choppy timeshare waters aboard the good ship ‘HMS Timeshare’. What comes to mind here is, ‘once bitten, twice shy’- an unpleasant experience induces caution.

So who do they (RDO) entrust this ethical and important task to? No other than the ‘straw man’ Mr Christopher Emmins with his string of failed companies and his latest offering, Kwik Chex. Whilst Mr Emmins, on his Kwik Chex website purveys a deep sense of ethics, professionalism and righteousness the fact is any right thinking person would steer well clear of this man and any organisation he is involved in if they were to know of his track record over the last 20 years. Well to save our trusted readers the bother of trying to search this information out we have searched the Companies House database for all things Christopher Emmins and you may peruse the results of the public search here>>>>>

Two words ‘serial director’ and this is a person seeking the trust of others and even more concerning sitting in judgement of other on his Kwik Chex website. One word, hypocrite, he ought to seek solace on his own doorstep before seeking the scalps of others.

If you read Mr Emmins website he operates his own self-made scheme that he calls Proof of Quality. There is nothing of note or authority behind this homemade egoistical nonsense that Mr Emmins thinks will convince people that his Proof of Quality scheme is something of importance. However, being awarded a useless JPEG image to embed on your nice new website, for a fee, from a man with nothing more to his name other than 20+ dissolved and/or liquidated companies leaving his creditors tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket, is probably not top of an aspiring new businesses’ wish list.

If Mr Emmins were to apply for a job in the public sector with credentials like his he would not even be given interview time let alone a position of trust, yet here he is heading up the timeshare industries clean-up campaign all championed and backed by the biggest organisation within the timeshare industry, the RDO. What does this tell you about the RDO and the resorts to whom you pay your hard earned money to year after year?

So heed the warning about these organisations RDO, TATOC & Timeshare Taskforce they are in it together, do not be fooled by their promises to clean up the timeshare industry, they are buying time and if you believe what they say they will be using your money to fund their failing timeshare resorts long into the future. Our service to you is risk free and we will force these greedy timeshare resorts through UK courts before they have the opportunity take any more of your money.

Interestingly, during the last 12 months of trading we have taken on over 250 new instructions from timeshare owners and we have written to many timeshare resorts most of whom have threatened immediate legal action if our client(s) do not pay their exorbitant maintenance fees. Out of 250 resorts to whom we have cut off their maintenance fee income, we have received legal proceedings from just one resort. That resort was Lakeview in Bodmin, Cornwall, ironically it is managed by Resort Solutions Limited of Market Harborough, Leicestershire and the senior committee member is one Mr Harry Taylor who is also the Chief Executive of TATOC the self-professed timeshare consumer champion who fights for the rights of the timeshare owner. Farcical? absolutely, a timeshare consumer champion funded by resort owners and the RDO and the only timeshare resort committee to issue proceedings on one of our clients.

Having issued proceedings which can be viewed here>>>>>, Lakeview and Mr Taylor became very concerned when we entered what can only be described a crushing defence to their claim and a legal challenge to their agreement. Upon receiving our Defence we were then contacted by Lakeview and Mr Taylor’s legal representatives Wilson Browne Solicitors of Kettering pleading for us to agree to discontinue the legal action which we refused. So desperate to back out of the proceedings they had issued, Lakeview and Mr Taylor wrote to the court and discontinued their own proceedings, a copy of their own filed discontinuation can be seen here>>>>>

A word to the wise, we are ready to take on all timeshare resorts in pursuit of fairness for our client(s) if you rise to the challenge be prepared to go the distance, as we will!