MacDonald Resorts & Network Credit Services of Hamilton – Harassment of Timeshare Owners!!!!

For all our MacDonald timeshare owners we must bring this cosy little relationship, MacDonald & Network Credit Services to everyone’s’ attention. We have many MacDonald timeshare owners who wish to exit their timeshare due to MacDonald’s onerous agreement which is well documented via the various press and media publications.

It is interesting to note that whilst MacDonald take a robust and no balderdash approach, so they would have us believe, they have not taken legal action against any of our clients to date. We have written to them inviting them to issue proceedings and telling them that they are not going to receive any further monies but peculiarly we have received no sight of any legal proceedings.

Like all timeshare resorts they like to impart wise and comforting advice to their treasured members, like when one of our client’s recently contacted MacDonald Resorts and spoke with Moira Tewnion, Owner Services Administrator at MacDonald Resorts. Ms Tewnion advised our client in a recorded telephone conversation that Praetorian are a scam organisation that take money from people and provide no service. We convey our sincere gratitude to Ms Tewnion for her libellous comments that have now been forwarded to our media lawyers here in the UK to take action.

MacDonald’s solicitors Andersons also wrote to us recently advising us that what we had written was incorrect and had no legal substance. Our reply is that Andersons ought to consult with MacDonald and instigate legal proceedings to test their theory. MacDonald appear very willing to speak via the press on timeshare issues but from our research their words and statements are not backed up by any ground breaking legal actions or judgements in their favour.

So how do MacDonald reply to our correspondence? Their replies differ but by and large they ignore us, if they do not ignore us they respond telling us we do not know what we are talking about and finally, if all else fails they employ debt collectors to frighten and intimidate their owners into submission.

Network Credit Services Limited of Hamilton

Network Credit Services Limited the debt collectors of choice for MacDonald Resorts. Like all debt collectors they are powerless if you do not co-operate and you dispute a debt. They generally work on commission and get paid upon a percentage of the debt they recover. They are not the same as High Court Bailiffs or Sheriffs who do have the power of enforcement usually by way of a High Court order.

Debt collectors like Network Credit Services are powerless to do anything and the only way they will earn money is by you playing their game and being frightened by their letters which are threatening but powerless. They cannot enter your property, even more to the point they cannot even walk on your property without your permission. If you receive a letter from Network Credit Services treat it with the respect it deserves, tear into as many small pieces as you can and place it in a bin or if in doubt please refer it to ourselves and we will deal with it accordingly.

We believe Network Credit Services Limited is operated by a Mr Toyne but all letters are signed off by a Mr Sumner. Is Mr Sumner, Mr Toyne’s alto ego, does Mr Sumner actually exist or is he abstract?

Whatever the case maybe we are now reporting Network Credit Services Limited activities to the various government agencies in hope that they will investigate their harassing and intimidation of timeshare owners who are properly represented but who MacDonald & Network Credit Services feel they can harass and intimidate into timeshare submission.

We will update this Blog as and when we have further news about these organisations.