Does anyone know of America Maya? A quick search of the UK solicitors role reveals no such person with the most delightful and unique name of America Maya. She is described as KwikChex’s legal officer and in house lawyer giving one the impression that she is a qualified lawyer employed by KwikChex.

However, it is rather puzzling how she does not appear on the Law Society’s role of solicitors. In view of Kwik Chex’s impeccable attention to detail and their quest of the truth and transparency in everything they do but there is no available information about Ms Maya or her credentials.

With Kwik Chex being so diligent when it comes to clarity and their probing into others’ business affairs and company structures perhaps Kwik Chex and Mr Emmins would care to enlighten us as to who Ms Maya is. After all she appears to be dealing with legal matters on behalf of all these hundreds of people who are flocking to Kwik Chex for assistance with their timeshare problems.

It is worthy of a mention that when Kwik Chex appeared in the recent This is Money article, see here>>>>> that was so grossly misrepresented as Kwik Chex purportedly recovering 80 million pounds in timeshare cons and scams, Ms Maya commented ‘and this is only the start’. Unfortunately, the article correction that was published by Mr Emmins in a very low key reposte on his Kwik Chex website, see here>>> placed the anticipated figure at a meagre 100,000.00 Euros.

There is no evidence to support the 100,000.00 Euro claim but as the figure has been verified by Kwik Chex we must believe it is true as Kwik Chex are the standard by which others are judged, according to their website and their egocentric ‘Proof of Quality’ scheme, what nonsense!

However, that is if one can believe the words of a man, Christopher Emmins, who has a somewhat jaded past and amongst other things has been a controlling mind/ Director of 20+ companies all them now dissolved or liquidated with substantial debts owing to creditors. Kwik Chex being the one and only surviving company that has not yet been dissolved or settled.

Pity Google’s new ‘right to be forgotten’ doesn’t extend to Companies House public records of Directors, Mr Emmins!