This is not the usual Praetorian Legal blog posting but more a recognition of the shambolic timeshare blaggers who have stolen the limelight for far too long, keeping you good people in timeshare misery. Our fight against these so called ‘white knight’ organisations continues and we will not relent until the likes of TATOC, RDO, Timeshare Taskforce, KWIK CHEX and not forgetting the serial company director of more than 20 failed, liquidated companies Mr Christopher Emmins are well and truly exposed for what they are. View Mr Emmins public Companies House profile here>>>>

So this posting is more of a recognition of the excellent work being undertaken by everything that is good about the timeshare industry and our good friends the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) . We take our hat off to the eagle eyed TCA for their relentless crusade against these organisations who think they have a louder voice than everyone else within this industry. The cracks are beginning to show as the truth emerges and doubt is cast upon likes of TATOC and the ethics surrounding their coveted position within the timeshare industry.

If the recent reporting by the TCA is to be believed, TATOC’s Harry Taylor (Mr Timeshare), as we have heard him affectionately referred to within timeshare circles, is currently under attack as Chief Executive of the troubled Lakeview Country Club in Bodmin, Cornwall. However, as the Aroma of freshly baked Cornish Pasties diminishes from around Lakeview so Mr Taylor turns his attentions to a new Aroma, an Aroma sent to our shores all the way from South Africa. It is reported by TCA that Aroma have a fully operating UK sales deck ideally placed within the confines of the Lakeview Country Club selling their timeshare product. We think this is a smart move by Harry Taylor as we are sure they (Aroma) won’t get up to anything whilst under Harry’s watchful eye!

Astonishingly, TCA allege that Aroma is owned by the purported ‘South African timeshare swindler’ Stuart ‘the bullfrog’ Lamont. We are not familiar with Mr Lamont so cannot pass comment however several online reports and articles suggest he has been at the centre of many dubious timeshare mis-selling scandals and has been investigated by the South African tax authorities for timeshare trading irregularities.

However, according to TCA Lakeview timeshare owners who are exiting their Lakeview ownership for whatever reason are being enticed into an Aroma product. If what TCA say is true the Aroma product breaches European Directive 2008/122/EC in that Aroma take payments within the statutory cooling off period. However, TATOC the consumer champions appear to be suffering the ‘three wise monkey’ syndrome, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, whilst this is all happening on a timeshare resort part owned by and operated by the Executive Officer of TATOC, Mr Harry Taylor.

So is this all true? Well it has come from a very credible source (TCA) but only time will tell and should this all come to pass then some may say we’ve got crystal balls but then again if this is all true one might say Harry Taylor’s got STEEL BALLS!

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