It has recently been brought to our attention that several of our online competitors, and other overseas call centres, have been cold-calling our clients, trying to undermine Praetorian Legal’s work and reputation. We believe this threat is originating from stolen data from Eze Group and Monster Rewards, as it is our Eze Group and Monster Rewards clients who are reporting contact from a Tenerife based company offering free one week stays in Tenerife for attendance to a sales presentation.



Firstly, these companies are operating unlawfully and anyone who contacts you without reason about your timeshare, by way of a cold-call, is operating unlawfully.  On 25 May 2018, a new data protection law is to come into force across Europe, which prohibits this type of unlawful activity and you should be fully aware of this.  It is no longer acceptable for companies to cold call you and you should be questioning anyone who operates in this way.  You should be asking how they obtained your data and who these people are, before you enter into any conversation whatsoever, you should also be asking them to put everything in writing to you before you engage with them, because, by even being in possession of your data without your say so, it is now a serious criminal matter.

If you need to verify what we are telling you is correct, then you should make immediate contact with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ‘ICO’).  You can go to:, but, before you do this, you must get the following information from the caller: –

The name of the company and the company registration number.  If they cannot give you this then you should not engage any further; Where they are calling from. Many of these companies will be telephoning you from abroad, mainly Tenerife or Spain, but you may see a UK number displayed.  Take the number down, or dial 1471 after the call, to get the number. This is important information to give to the ICO; Record the conversation if you can.  Don’t worry about telling them you are recording the conversation for the purpose of proving criminal activity, as you will not be penalised and it can be used in evidence; DO NOT be enticed by accepting free Lodging abroad, because it will be a sales presentation, which will result in you spending thousands of pounds to terminate your timeshare, or a promise of compensation.  Whatever the proposition, we can 100% guarantee that it will always involve you spending money before you see anything back and we can guarantee that you will never see anything in return for your money; and, DO NOT believe anything that these people say, if you have been contacted then the chances are your data has been stolen and sold on to these people and we can guarantee that the only reason you are being contacted is for the people contacting you to take money from you under false pretences.

If you need clarification in respect of the Aforesaid advice, we urge you to speak with someone at the ICO. You can telephone their advice line on 0303 123 1113 or raise your concerns online here>

As a client of Praetorian Legal, we are here to help you and ensure that you do not part with any more money in respect of your timeshare termination.  If we have terminated your timeshare, we will stand by you and guarantee your ongoing protection, as we have done for more than 4000 clients, since 2014.  The terms of our peace of mind indemnity protection have all been provided to you and you must ensure that you do not breach the terms of our indemnity, by taking notice of people who are trying to worry you in furtherance of obtaining money from you unlawfully.


We cannot emphasise enough how plausible and believable these companies sound on the telephone, but, if you do succumb to their lies, then we cannot assist you further and you will be at the behest of these unlawful operators. They will, without doubt, be trying to take a considerable amount of money from you.

In contrast to this, we are asking you for no further money and nor will we in the future. What we are doing is providing the service we promised in the first instance. Not one of our clients has paid a penny in maintenance fees since becoming a client of Praetorian Legal. If your timeshare has harassed you after us serving Notice of Termination, we have dealt with this on your behalf. This should be substantive proof that the service we offered to you is the service we are providing to you, under our unique timeshare indemnity and anyone who says otherwise must be treated with suspicion, as it is us that have proven that we are doing exactly what we have promised.

Praetorian Legal is a fully compliant UK company, with Professional Indemnity Insurance, authorised and regulated by the Ministry of Justice, check our registration here>

Whilst we will gladly discuss our service with our clients, we will not engage with anyone who seeks to challenge our service or commitment under our indemnity, without substantive argument.  Any of our clients seeking to challenge us under the advice of a faceless, unknown, cold-calling organisation, will be asked to provide written evidence of what the allegations are and to agree to make a formal complaint to the ICO. We will not tolerate this abuse and libellous behaviour from unlawful, unsubstantiated sources, who contact our clients by way of cold-calling.

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