Many of our loyal clients have been bringing to our attention the publications of The Timeshare Consumer Association (“TCA”) and TESS Paralegal (“TESS”).

Many of you have wondered why we appear to be sitting back whilst these companies publish libellous and malicious statements about our organisations.  The truth of the matter is this: these people are predominantly ex-timeshare operatives and, in Mark Rowe’s case, he has a long history of unethical timeshare selling, as a timeshare rep with Resort Properties, latterly Silverpoint, prior to embarking upon selling unethical alternative timeshare related products.

It has emerged that thousands of people have lost millions of pounds as a consequence of those products.  Mark Rowe is currently under a very serious criminal investigation for Fraud and Money Laundering offences.  He continues to trade under several corporate entities until he faces criminal charges.

Mark Rowe is also the owner of the TCA, which was purchased from the owner of TESS, Mr David Cox. David Cox and Mark Rowe have a close working relationship, hence the attacks upon Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims by both entities.

You will appreciate that these types of malicious and unprovoked attacks are not normal in other areas of commerce and business, only in timeshare.  As many of you will have experienced, there is a total lack of morality and ethics where timeshare is concerned.

What is happening to Praetorian at this present time amounts to criminal harassment and, through persistence and patience, this behaviour will eventually be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

Our organisation and its owners have an exemplary reputation within the legal profession, prior to dealing purely with the legal terminations of timeshare contracts. What we can say is that we have never been involved in the timeshare industry in any other capacity. Until 2014, when we began assisting alternative timeshare sellers like Eze Group and Monster Rewards, the owners of Praetorian had never operated within the timeshare industry and had always worked with large to medium respected law firms within the UK.  The malicious attacks are a testament to our success and superiority in the work we undertake and the impact we have made within the timeshare industry.

Simply put, the people who attack us see us as a competitive threat and see timeshare owners as fickle people who they think they can manipulate to their advantage.

We are sickened by the treatment of timeshare owners, by the likes of Mark Rowe, and that is why we go further than any of these companies to protect and assist anyone for whom we act. We stand by what we tell people and the service which we provide. Anyone trusting the word of the TCA should question any recommendation, as it will be connected or related to a money making opportunity for one of Mark Rowe’s companies.

Furthermore, we have noted in the TCA’s latest online publication that Praetorian Legal, Mercantile Claims and its Directors have now been linked to other companies, one being Mis Sold, which is listed at the website address: That organisation helps consumers recover money from Mark Rowe’s companies. We stood accused of ownership of this company by Mark Rowe and his legal representatives, who made formal allegations in a letter (link to letter below) to ourselves. However, upon receiving our formal denial of ownership in response, they accepted that we had nothing to do with that organisation.

A copy of Mark Rowe’s solicitor’s letter acknowledging that Mark Rowe accepted that we have nothing to do with this company is attached to this article.

Yet, a few short weeks later, Mark Rowe, via the TCA, is now accusing us of what he accepted we had nothing to do with.  This proves our contention that Mark Rowe, the TCA or his cohorts, TESS, should not be a trusted source of information upon which to base a decision to part with your hard earned money; their agenda is to take as much money as possible from timeshare owners.

In respect of TESS, we have recently become aware of this site that confirms the link between Mark Rowe and David Cox  –  This site provides evidence of a Trading Standards investigation into TESS and Monster Rewards and is not complimentary towards either party.

We have also become aware of another site which casts doubt as to the character of David Cox –  This site makes reference to the sheer incompetence and hypocrisy of David Cox.  We pass no comment other than to let the reader make up their own mind. However, it is noteworthy that the only criticism of Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims is from its envious competitors and NOT the general public for whom we act.

Another well respected unbiased timeshare site that has recently featured articles on Mark Rowe and David Cox’s timeshare antics is The site was recently the victim of an unprovoked attack by Mark Rowe and David Cox in their drive to gain timeshare supremacy, after Inside Timeshare stated that the bad blood between Rowe and Cox appeared to have resolved itself and the caustic online posts that were once present on their respective sites had now mysteriously disappeared.  Having asked this simple question, Inside Timeshare was verbally attacked by Rowe and Cox.

Here are some of the recent articles > ,

As promised, and in the interest of transparency, we produce the letter referred to above from Mark Rowe’s legal representatives to show what Mark Rowe is really like. We direct attention to the section ‘Overview of Events’  points 5 to 11 therein (highlighted in yellow for ease of reference).  It can be clearly seen that Mark Rowe’s solicitor, Mr Adam Taylor, on his behalf, fully accepts and makes specific emphasis by way of bold print and underlining of the words;

Click to enlarge

[sic] “Our client is happy to accept your assurances and let the matter rest there…”


We now see that within a matter of less than two weeks from the date of the letter, Mark Rowe publishes a malicious attack upon Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims on his blog site, the TCA, going back on his solicitor’s word that he accepts we have nothing to do with Mis Sold (  We are consummate professionals and would not ordinarily publish such a letter, but we want people to understand what Mark Rowe is doing to his clients, who have spent millions of pounds on his products with little or no benefit.  We have approximately 2000 Monster clients, who are extremely happy with the work we have carried out for them. However, the same cannot be said of Mark Rowe and his companies, who, having referred matters to ourselves, then contacted those referred clients to advise them that the work carried out by ourselves was defective and worthless.

This is unacceptable.

We pose this question to all reading this: where else, other than in timeshare, would you, as a consumer, be contacted by a company who had taken thousands of pounds for a service from you, only to advise you that the service they had supplied to you was defective and, in doing so, demand a further payment of several thousands of pounds to put it right?

This is not the way in which an ethical and honest company operates.  Should they not be offering to remedy the failure by offering money back, or to provide the service that was paid for?  They should not attempt to take further money from you. As timeshare owners know, old habits die hard and, as with all timeshares, there is always an angle to turn a bad situation into a money-making opportunity and that is what Mark Rowe and his companies do at every opportunity.

The contract which we had with Monster Rewards fully explained the service we were to provide to Mark Rowe’s companies. That service was carried out to its fullest extent and those clients, with whom we have regular contact, fully agree with this and are full of praise for the way in which Praetorian Legal have conducted matters and stood by them, but the same is not true of Mark Rowe and his various companies.

We continue to stand by our clients. However, we do have clients who are contacted, by the likes of Mark Rowe’s company and advised of untruthful and unreliable information about our service. It is a trait of the timeshare industry to ‘cold-call’ timeshare owners and manipulate their thinking, by lying to them in order to obtain monies.  When you as a timeshare owner receive the next unsolicited/cold-call  from a timeshare company, whether it be one of Mark Rowe’s companies or another, question why they are giving you that advice and ask them who they are and how they got your information.

We thank all our loyal clients for their continued support and we apologise that we are compelled to address the unethical and dishonest behaviour of certain companies within the timeshare industry, but we feel that a reply to the constant malicious and unprovoked attacks from our competitors is long overdue.

Should you, or anyone you know, have any concerns about Mark Rowe or David Cox and their respective companies, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss matters further on 0121 272 3100