We have recently been contacted by several Praetorian Legal clients who were referred to us by Eze Group.

Our clients have advised us that they have read reports on the internet about Eze Group and their imminent Crown Court appearance to answer numerous serious criminal charges, including fraud by misrepresentation and breaches of consumer legislation.

Understandably, our clients have been Worried by this news.  Praetorian’s stance is that we previously enjoyed a good working relationship with Eze Group and we have no comment to make in respect of the Reported charges they face. Although Eze Group, and the two other individuals involved, have pleaded guilty to two charges, there remains ongoing criminal proceedings and we have no desire to prejudice those proceedings.

Nevertheless, those proceedings relate solely to Eze Group and not to Praetorian. In no sense does it affect the work that we have carried out on behalf of our clients and we will continue to stand by each and every one of our clients, as we have always done.

If you have any concerns about your membership with Eze Group then you should contact us immediately and you should certainly not engage with any party trying to take money from you, on the basis of Eze Group’s situation.

It does not and will not affect the work we have carried out on your behalf.

Should you have any concerns, or wish to discuss any aspect of your matter, please contact us sooner rather than later, so that we are able to allay your fears.

Please contact us via telephone on 0121 272 3100 or by email at enquiries@praetorianlegal.com should you have any queries.

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