This is a Press Release for the benefit of all Heritage Resort timeshare owners and clients of Praetorian Legal.  For too long now, Mr Norman Anderson of Heritage Resorts has been writing to our clients, telling them that Praetorian Legal are a scam company and they can do nothing to help Heritage Resort owners.  This form of libellous communication, either verbal or written, only happens within the timeshare industry and whatever Mr Anderson might say it is untrue, as he knows that every Heritage Resort client who has used Praetorian Legal, has not paid Heritage Resorts a single penny since signing up with ourselves.

As our long-term clients will appreciate, we have been by their side since they contracted with us, some four years ago in some cases. Many of our clients are still being harassed by timeshare resorts who have a lot to say about Praetorian Legal but not one of them have summoned up the courage to take any Praetorian Legal client before the court in a legal action.  This is simply because they think that they can bully our clients into submission by bypassing us and going straight to our clients.  This has not worked, and nor will it work in the future because unlike every other timeshare termination company, who have vacant timeshare owners after taking money from them, Praetorian Legal are consummate professionals and support their clients, whatever is thrown at them. This is why a direct approach from timeshare resorts does not work and will never work.

Heritage Resorts and Mr Norman Anderson have written to clients harassing them. They have made threatening telephone calls to owners and they have even written correspondence to ourselves containing a four-letter profanity. They have not a modicum of professionalism and they are what we call ‘typically timeshare’.  The one thing that comes out of all of this, is they have not and will not take action against a Praetorian Legal client, but we would gladly welcome their legal proceedings should they care to stop Bothering our client and take action.

If you have a Heritage Resort timeshare and you want to terminate it then please contact us on: 0121 272 3100 or email us for further details at:

Take the next step to rid yourself of Heritage Resorts, Mr Norman Anderson and your timeshare nightmare before you pay your next timeshare maintenance fees……..Act NOW!

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