Our readers might remember our article – RESORT DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (RDO) INVESTIGATES!!!! posted on this Blog on the 02 February 2015.

We had news from a Resort Development Organisation member, Fairways Club, that they could not deal with us, because we were under investigation by the RDO. We then wrote a letter to the Resort Development Organisation Chief Executive, Mr Paul Gardner Bougaard, enquiring as to the details of his organisation’s investigation of Praetorian Legal.

Surprisingly, Mr Bougaard – a Barrister-at-Law purportedly, failed to respond to our letter and our request for details of his organisation’s investigation into ourselves. Very unusual response from a professional organisation, and member of the legal profession, where it would be considered extremely bad practice to merely ignore a formal letter. But the facts speak for themselves, no response was received.

However, the silent response is the preferred method of communication adopted by most of the RDO members, so the ‘ignore them and they will go away’ approach may just well be command from the top.


Well contrary to the thoughts of many within the timeshare industry, when Praetorian Legal turned its attention to timeshare termination, there was a deafening blast of SCAMMERS from the timeshare resort owners and their timeshare buddies, TATOC, Timeshare Taskforce and the RDO. Nothing to substantiate the SCAMMERS slur – other than they thought they would label us and, like many others who probably were scammers, we would disappear into the yonder. How wrong they were! Praetorian Legal remain undeterred and are continuing to stop timeshare owners from paying their unfair, unenforceable, maintenance fees, amid threats of court action and debt collectors.

Eighteen whole months have passed since our first letters rolled off the Praetorian Legal office printers and were delivered to the first unlucky few resorts – advising them ‘you are getting no more money from our clients until you prove your agreement is fair and enforceable’. One issued timeshare action in the UK, one successfully defended action, 100% success. This gives timeshare owners some perspective as to how fair and enforceable your timeshare agreement really is.

  • How many commercial organisations would allow a contracting party to breach an agreement, not pay them for over eighteen months and take no action? Answer: Timeshare Resorts.
  • If timeshare agreements were what the timeshare resorts would have us believe they are, enforceable: then why do they not prove it? Answer: Because they know the only way they can get money is by fear.

Telling timeshare owners that they can never be free of their timeshare and if they try to get out of it they will come after them legally. Well that’s not our experience!

Praetorian Legal have well and truly called their bluff, because not one timeshare resort has benefited from any Praetorian client paying them anything for eighteen months or more,  and that will continue until the timeshare resort owners feel brave enough to take one of our owners to court.

So no, we are not SCAMMERS, we do not take upfront payments from our clients, we do stand by our clients when the going gets tough, and we will see the task through to the bitter end. That is why we are determined to pursue the likes of the RDO, TATOC and all the other timeshare industry doubters. The most foolish action in combat is under estimate your opponent!

Our sights are firmly set upon the Resort Development Organisation, and through our lawyers we have received word that their letter has also been ignored which means us making a Pre-Action Disclosure Application to the court prior to us taking legal action against the RDO. We consider that the email circulated by the RDO was damaging and unwarranted, on the basis that they have no evidence to even support a suspicion, let alone a legal action against us.

As we take another step closer to making the RDO respond to us, we will keep this Blog updated as to when progress is made.

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