We have recently been made aware of several of our clients, who were members of Monster Rewards, having received a rather concerning letter.

The letter is purporting to be from an designated liquidator by the name J Flynn.  The letter is printed on blank paper. It bears no details of J Flynn’s company or indeed his professional body.

This is very unusual behaviour from an appointed liquidator to announce his appointment by not giving the people he is writing to any information about his practice or a telephone contact number.  The only contact details supplied are an email address of

We are very concerned as to what is happening here and having seen several of these letters and emails. We have made further enquiries with the limited information we have about J Flynn’s appointment.  It would appear that there is nothing logged with the Spanish authorities and, in particular, the Spanish equivalent to the UK Companies House. This information can be found at www.infoempresa.comand this link takes you directly to the Monster Rewards SL company register page: –

It is clear that Monster Rewards SL has a trading status of ACTIVE.  If it was officially in liquidation, then the appointed liquidator must put a notification on the Spanish company register.

All of the information in the public domain would indicate that the letters and emails being received are incorrect and contain information which is untrue. In addition, given that the letter bears no letterhead of either the liquidator’s company nor that of Monster Rewards, we do not know that this has been approved by Monster Rewards.


The emails and letters advise people that the liquidator ‘J FLYNN’ has identified that Monster Rewards clients may have a claim to be pursued against Monster Rewards.  This is an odd concept considering J FLYNN has been appointed to wind up the company and liquidate its assets for the benefit of its creditors.

However, J FLYNN goes further than this and he introduces the reader to a third party company called Addlington West Group Limited based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, which is near to Monster Rewards’ Stratford-Upon-Avon office.  J FLYNN says that Addlington West Group can help you recover money under the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and if anyone is interested in making a claim then they should email, . This is a very unusual approach for an appointed liquidator to take, to introduce a third party company outside of his control.


This may well explain why J FLYNN is promoting Addlington West Group. A cursory glance of the UK Companies House records reveals Addlington West Group was newly incorporated in September 2018 and the sole director of Addlington West Group is one Mrs Christina Theresa Taylor, see Companies House records here: –

It is no coincidence that Mrs Christina Taylor is the spouse of Mr David Taylor, with whom some Monster Rewards clients may be familiar with. Mr Taylor is a well know timeshare salesman who initially worked for Resort Properties in Tenerife, who latterly became Silverpoint SL.  Mr Taylor made YouTube news when he was secretly recorded While plying his trade at Resort Properties/Silverpoint SL. The undercover recording can be viewed here: –

Monster Reward SL clients may also be familiar with Mr Taylor, too, as he worked as the office manager and sales person in Monster Rewards York office in the UK, until approximately 12 months ago.  He may well have sold you your Monster Rewards package.



  • Monster Rewards SL are NOT officially in liquidation, in consideration of their records at Spain’s equivalent of Companies House.


  • There has been no official confirmation from Monster Rewards that they are in liquidation.


  • J FLYNN does not provide any identity as to his company or professional body     


  • Addlington West Group Limited are a recently formed, yet-to-trade company, who have direct links to Monster Rewards SL through Dave Taylor and Christina Taylor.


  • Addlington West are FSA registered BUT only on a temporary basis.  However, if you respond to the email and you are put in touch with Addlington West, they will be in breach of the FSA regulations and the ICO rules under GDPR and are committing a criminal offence.


  • Monster Rewards nor J FLYNN cannot refer or seek out claims under the FSA rules and we suggest this is a smokescreen to circumvent regulated activity and you should NOT engage with any of these companies.


We are currently reporting several matters and sending what is contained in this press release to the FSA and the ICO upon instruction of our clients, who are also Monster Rewards clients.  If you want us to assist you too, or you have any concerns, then please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

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