According to reports online, timeshare contracts sold by Anfi have been under some scrutiny over the past months. It is reported that this has caused losses for the company.

In June 2017, a General Meeting was said to have been held for timeshare owners based in sunny Gran Canaria with Anfi. The main focus of this meeting being the 50 year maximum contract length.

Noted results of the meeting show that three potential resolutions were put forward to the owners, who would then vote. Those three solutions were as follows:

To change the scheme to adapt to the Spanish Act 4/2012

  1. To limit the duration of the timeshare scheme and imposing a maximum length of 50 years; and,
  2. A scheme of 50 years, with an option to extend for a further recurring period of 50 years.

Comments show that Anfi owners whom attended the meeting decided to change the scheme, so that it would be limited to 50 years, with an option to extend for an additional 50 years.

This decision has been made for three Anfi resorts in particular, namely Club Puerto Anfi, Club Monte Anfi and Anfi Beach Club.

Unfortunately, this will have no real benefit to current owners. This is said to only apply to new customers.

It could be possible that any existing contracts may be regarded illegal, due to the terms of the timeshare product itself. If this is the case, you may possibly be eligible for a timeshare compensation claim.

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