The following news has broken, Diamond Resorts Europe will be closing select sales offices within Malaga and Tenerife.

Sales teams in both Malaga and Tenerife have been advised to seek advice from solicitors as there will be redundancies across the teams.

So what information have clients of Diamond received?

Some members are being informed that the European Sales and Marketing business has been facing a challenging time. Within the information given to clients, Diamond state they have tried numerous initiatives to try and improve performance within the sales teams.

Being one of the biggest sales teams across Europe, this will be a devastating blow for the company.

Diamond still appear to be working on sales, after informing clients that they can continue to purchase or increase points with their ownership and still receive the support from their dedicated team.

Small numbers of staff will remain in a select few sales offices. The first office being at Pine Lakes in the UK, a flagship resort in Malaga and two offices in Tenerife.

No information can currently be found on the sales team for Diamond franchises as to whether any job losses are to be faced.

Booking a holiday in 2017 is exceedingly different to how a holiday would have been booked twenty years ago. Clients often state that their timeshare resort can be booked online. Often much cheaper than the cost of a year’s maintenance fee.

Many clients would like to understand why they handed over many thousands of pounds for a service that can be cheaper if booked online.

If you find that you have been affected by any of the above information, please contact our friendly team on 0121 272 3100 alternatively, you can email us on


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