A federal judge in Florida has ruled in favour of a law firm that was being sued by timeshare resort Club Exploria LLC. Club Exploria bought the suit, claiming the law firm’s advertising was Deceptive and that their customers could get out of contracts and not pay their fees if they did not want to or could no longer afford it. The firm was representing over 20 Club Exploria members in assisting them in legal extradition from their timeshares they no longer wanted or used.

The suit has been going on for over two years and was a clear attempt of the resort to stop any legal firm from representing their customers and ultimately helping them stop paying exuberant fees to the company. Club Exploria alleged that because of the firm’s interference with their customers, timeshare owners had been persuaded to stop making interest ownership and maintenance payments required in the terms of their legal and contractual obligations. The Florida based law firm described the suit as a “coordinated effort” by timeshare companies to go after the attorneys representing customers who have stopped making payments.

Despite this the judge ruled in favour of the law firm stating that Club Exploria had failed to provide evidence that the firms website advertisements influenced owners’ decisions to stop making loan repayments and maintenance fees to Exploria. The judge further went on to say that instead of being mis-leading the law firm had stated in its contracts to clients that they should remain current on their payments to Club Exploria until legal matters were resolved.

Timeshare resorts will discredit anyone helping owners!

Timeshare resorts will go to great lengths to highlight the bad practices of fraudulent exit companies and often go as far as to take legal action against them. This is great news for consumers who may possibly be scammed by companies acting in bad faith. However, they also go to great lengths to stop any company helping owners, even when they are acting within the law. Timeshare companies do not like anyone to help owners stop paying maintenance fees and expensive loan repayments, and why would they? They rely on this money to keep going. In fact, these fees represent a huge portion of their profits and without them the whole timeshare concept would no longer be viable.

There are lots of companies acting in bad faith, just check the news, but there are also many companies who do help owners end their timeshare obligations when resorts turn their back on owners who genuinely may be struggling with affordability issues, or simply cannot use their timeshares any longer. Furthermore, they fail to understand or acknowledge the reason why fraudulent companies are able to exist in the first place or indeed genuine law firms and claims companies. If these very resorts that so vigorously attack others were not so obstructive when an owner wants out of their contract, for genuine reasons, or actually offered people a feasible solution then there would be no need for these companies to exist.

Timeshare has earned itself a bad reputation over the years and perhaps if the resorts acted with their members interest at heart instead of desperately clinging onto them and causing further financial distress and misery, people would be more likely to keep their memberships and be satisfied customers in the long run.

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