Praetorian Legal are representing a large number of claimants in relation to mis-sold timeshare contracts, many of which have bottle-necked with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). These cases are ones where the finance provider has refused to acknowledge responsibility for the mis-selling of the contract, and so we have had no further option but to lodge complaints with the government body.

The Financial Ombudsman Service was set up by parliament as an independent public body to resolve individual Conflicts between consumers and businesses, fairly, reasonably, quickly and informally. As per their mission statement explains: “What matters most to us Read more

The family of a notorious criminal, originally from Solihull, have offered £100,000 reward to anyone who can help find his killer. John Palmer started out as a scrap metal dealer. He acquired the name ‘Goldfinger’ after he was cleared of handling stolen gold bullion in 1983.

He was shot dead 3 years ago in the garden of his Essex home, Police believe that this was carried out by a hired Gunman. Back in March 2016, detectives revealed Palmer may have been murdered over Gossip that he knew who had committed the Hatton Garden Heist and acted as an informant to … Read more

Wesley Scott Aldred, from Kissimmee, Florida has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for violating the conditions of his probation order. He was previously convicted for telemarketing fraud in 2015, for participating in a timeshare resale Deceptive scheme. The company, named Premier Timeshare Solutions, defrauded timeshare owners all over the United States, including South Illinois, where Mr Aldred is currently serving his sentence.

Whilst on probation for that conviction, Aldred was found to be engaging in a similar telemarketing scam which targeted Timeshare owners. Aldred and nine other defendants were indicted in May 2014 for felony charges, including conspiracy … Read more

Sisters Sammy and Sylvia booked a 3 night stay in Alicante, through Teletext Holidays, to celebrate their mother’s 55th birthday.


When the 3 arrived at Alicante Airport, they were told that their hotel was a €350 taxi ride away, or 7 hours by public transport. They thought Teletext was a good place to find a reasonably priced short break. They spoke with Teletext over the phone and specifically asked for a hotel near to Alicante town centre.

“The guy on the phone gave us lots of different options and was very persistent, we said we wanted to check around Read more

For anyone who has not had the pleasure of experiencing a Timeshare Sales Presentation, here’s how one might go !


So you’ve accepted the free dinner, free accommodation, exclusive gift, or tickets to an attraction, and now all you have to do is sit through a “short presentation”. Sounds reasonable ? After all, you wouldn’t expect this freebie for nothing !

The Timeshare rep has done the easy bit, they have got you through the door by luring you in with a free gift, cash, tickets etc. You are, more than likely, already in a pretty good mood. After … Read more

Timeshare, Cryptocurrency, Financial And Legal Scams Have Doubled In The Last Year !


More and more customers are falling victim to scams involving timeshare, cryptocurrency, binary options investments and phoney solicitors, according the the charity, Citizen’s Advice. Scammers posing as professionals from financial and legal services are on the rise and such cons now account for a fifth of all scams reported to Citizen’s Advice.

Citizen’s Advice have reported a 6% increase of these types of scams being reported to their advisory service this financial year and they have calculated that the median financial loss for these types of … Read more

A 37 year old man from Orlando, Florida stands accused of running a nationwide, fraudulent Timeshare scheme from his apartment.

David Jolly has been charged with Fraud nearly $90,000. Victims say they thought he was selling their Timeshares, but it was all an elaborate hoax.

Jolly is currently being held in jail, as he could not afford the $60,000 bail bond to be released until his hearing. In the US, when a defendant is arrested and charged, a court will set a dollar amount, known as a bail bond. This is required so as to prevent criminals fleeing before they … Read more

The trial of Francis Madden, Claire Garland, Keith Furneval and Jean Furneval begins with prosecutors claiming that the four fraudulently obtained hundreds of thousands of pounds from unsuspecting customers wishing to purchase holiday products, over a period of around five years.

The four were charged in July 2017 in connection with the alleged fraud. The trial by Jury is scheduled to last six weeks.

Jean Furneval is charged with participating in a fraudulent business carried out by a sole trader and carrying on the business of a company with intent to defraud creditors or for other purposes, between August 2011 … Read more

Francis ‘Frank’ Madden took holidays around the Mediterranean while his businesses deceptively obtained hundreds of thousands of pounds from unsuspecting customers.

Madden, 61 from Bournemouth, has been jailed for 40 months and barred from holding a directorship for a decade! The Conman, who was jailed this week, ruled his companies with an ‘Iron Fist’, despite spending much of his time on cruises with his wife and spending thousands of pounds in doing so.

Staff at his companies, Central Marketing LTD, Glenleigh LTD and Reco Corp LTD, were instructed to cold-call hundreds of people a day inviting them to attend a … Read more

A website based in America has written a post concerning a Telemarketing Timeshare Scam by an Orlando resident.

Mr Daniel Boyar, a resident of Orlando, Florida has pleaded guilty for his part in defrauding over 1,000 victims via a telemarketing scheme, a scheme which saw many victims in their elderly years handing over more than $3.3 million.
The report showed that Mr Boyar pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud; two counts of mail fraud; and, two counts of wire fraud. United States District Judge James C. Mahan accepted his guilty plea. Sentencing … Read more