International Lifestyle and Travel giant Karma has announced it is expanding its existing partnership with Diamond Resorts. They will now be able to offer members and guests additional luxury vacation options in Greece.

Karma Group have also announced they will open sales centres at Diamonds Village Heights Golf Resort in Crete. They will sell Diamond Resorts holiday points based products and also vacation memberships for Karma properties.

Both Karma and Diamond members will have access to a larger selection of properties, depending on how many points they purchased with their membership packages. The companies say this will give their members and guests better vacation options and experiences.

Mike Flaskey, Diamond CEO said: “ We are always searching for ways to expand our vacation offerings and enhance the overall experience for our members. This is an exciting initiative with Karma Resorts, one of our existing affiliate partners, and we will collectively continue to evaluate exciting strategic opportunities.”

John Spence, Karma Group Founder and Chairman said: “Karma Group has always been focused on delivering world-class experiences to our loyal members and guests. We are excited to expand our partnership with Diamond Resorts to provide their members and guests with a wonderful Karma-style experience at some of the most beautiful places in the world.”

The news comes shortly after Diamond CEO, Flaskey, announced the company were seeing significant growth in the purchase of their holiday points scheme amongst millennials. This extended partnership is proof Diamond is committed to delivering on their promise to provide new members with more opportunities to experience high quality resorts and unique experiences. However, the Diamond membership scheme is points based, meaning the more points you have the greater quality of resort and vacation a member can experience.

Owners buy points to gain access to a resorts properties, the more points owned, the more access a vacation owner has to top properties at peak times. Holiday points programs can start at anything from £10,000 and owners are consistently persuaded to purchase more.

Points are valued depending on factors such as time of year, destination, size of accommodation etc. Points do provide a greater amount of flexibility, however, before purchasing a points based holiday product, do the math! Ask yourself, can the amount of point’s purchased provide you with the holiday you want each year without having to purchase additional points you didn’t budget for?

Can you gain access to the types of locations and facilities you want to visit when you want to? There are far too many holiday club members who report being unhappy with the standard of their accommodations using their annual points allowance. Even reports of people unable to book a specific week during peak seasons, when they were told by the sales agent they would be able to do so.

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