The UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) has issued advice on your rights when flights are cancelled.

The UK ECC is an agency funded by the European Union and is advising British Vacationers affected by flight cancellations that EC Regulation 261/2004 legislation protects consumers against disruption and financial loss.

What could this mean for you if your flight was cancelled?

  • If an airline cancels your flight, they are obliged to offer you re-routing to your final destination or a full refund.
  • Any flights being re-routed are to be done at the airlines earliest opportunity.
  • Refunds are to be issued to the consumer within seven days.
  • You may be entitled to compensation, depending on your circumstances.

If your flight is cancelled 14 days before you were due to depart, you would not be entitled to compensation. If your flight is cancelled within 14 days of your departure date, you may be entitled to compensation. Each claim is based on its own circumstances.

Should you be stuck abroad, keep hold of all receipts for any purchases made on items such as food, water. All receipts for travel and accommodation must be kept if not already organised by the airline themselves.

If you feel that you have a reimbursement claim due to a cancelled flight please get in touch and one of our specialists will take a look at your case.

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