Millennials are the new target demographic for Bluegreen Resorts.



Bluegreen CEO Shawn Pearson says his company are attracting more and more millennials seeking good quality, unique experiences and value for money.

Pearson says that this is a fantastic business and Bluegreen offer a great product. They own 69 resorts and provide a unique experience at every destination. Pearson said, “we really capture the local flair and for people that want to have a unique experience we offer all kinds of opportunities within our system”. 

Pearson was asked, whether millennials are buying timeshares. He replied, “I think what’s happened here is the millennial demographic understands the share economy and quite frankly the timeshare industry was the pioneer of the shared economy and you couple that with Bluegreen’s experiential product offering and it hits the sweet spot, for the millennial demographic.

He was also asked whether the same was true of baby-boomers? He stated, “They came in earlier to that system but still enjoy the experiences”.

When he was asked about the competition from hotels, he replied, “It’s a different experience, when our consumer shows up and even our marketing guests. They are getting more of a condo type Residence atmosphere, they’ve got more space and more room. They don’t have to go out to restaurants during an economic downturn, our customers can drive to our locations. 85% of our owners live within a 4 hour drive, they can show up get groceries and experience more of that home cooking atmosphere”.

He was also asked what information investors want from him, at this point, about the business. He answered, “We are a very unique story versus our branded peers were going after a completely different demographic, millennials, middle America, it’s the fastest growing segment for us which is exciting. I think that investors are also excited that we are investing and doing what we said we were going to do which is expand West and North East. We have had a couple of new additions recently in Texas and New Orleans, so it’s a really exciting story.

He says Bluegreen will continue with their unique experience packages for their customers and to get more millennials through the door.

BlueGreen Vacation club is a points-based, deeded vacation ownership program, which connects over 212,000 owners with 69 Club and Club Associate Resorts and has access to more than 11,000 other hotels and resorts through partnerships and exchange networks.

New and exclusive developments are sure to attract many new customers seeking a unique holiday experience. However, a word of warning: many of these properties are used to sell the dream and, more often than not, customers are persuaded to purchase Long-Term-Holiday-Products and point based holiday products, which are often non-refundable, non-transferable and with virtually no resale value. In addition to this, you will face mounting maintenance fees, which resorts can increase on an annual basis and this is entirely at their Prudence.

If you feel you have been mis-sold a timeshare or holiday product, please get in touch with us for some free advice, to discuss a possible money back claim.


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