Did you know that in the UK there are more than 600,000 timeshare owners? Many of these people attended timeshare presentations after being invited or tempted with the offer of a free holiday or gift. A great deal of these people was then persuaded to purchase on the day, made exclusive offers that were only available there and then and promised their timeshare was an investment. These customers were also not informed that their maintenance fees would more than likely increase year after year, and they would be subjected to upselling whenever they visit their resort. In fact, these are just some of the reasons there are so many discontent timeshare owners and why so many are mis-sold to UK customers.

Therefore, so many people seek the help of an independent party to seek redress from their mis-sold timeshare and come to Praetorian Legal for a reliable and experienced service. Our latest successful claim has been awarded to our clients who were sold worthless timeshares and suffered huge financial losses after being persuaded into taking out unaffordable loans to pay for them. It all started in 2008 when our clients visited Tenerife and following a long and mis-leading sales presentation purchased four timeshares. They were sold to our clients as an investment and after a few years they would be able to make a profit. The resort promised our clients they would sell three of them themselves, leaving them with one to use and enjoy. After a period had passed our clients approached the resort and asked when they would be receiving their investment return. The resort informed them that because of the global economy crash they had been unable to sell the three timeshares as promised and offered them a new solution. They suggested our clients upgrade and purchase one timeshare, surprisingly this meant that the resort could suddenly sell the three timeshares and they would do this as a part exchange.

Our clients advised them that they could not afford to do this as it was simply unaffordable for them. The salesperson then explained that they could arrange for the payment to go through using a third-party finance company and they would be able to do it there and then guaranteed. Feeling as though they had no other choice and would lose out completely, they agreed to this new deal, but they were not given the opportunity to arrange their own finance or even time to look into it.

Thankfully, for our clients, the expert team here at Praetorian Legal have been able to successfully claim back the money they gave to the timeshare resort plus interest owed and have received over £53,000 back. They no longer have to worry about paying back unaffordable high interest loans for timeshares that were mis-sold to them.

The mis-selling of timeshares is incredibly common, and many people suffer hardship, stress and financial worry because of it. The good news is that it is not too late to get out of a timeshare agreement and if you believe you have been mis-sold a timeshare and have suffered financially because of it, we may be able to help you. Contact us today for free expert advice and find out if you are legally entitled to compensation and be free from your timeshare burden once and for all. If you were mis-sold a timeshare with Silverpoint, or any other resort, get in touch with us today. Our team are enjoying continued success in arguing mis-sold timeshare and holiday products. We will be honest with you, if we do not feel you have a viable claim, we will not take on your case.

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