A judge in the U.S has ruled against one of the biggest timeshare giants despite their repeated attacks on the timeshare termination attorney.

A federal Judge in the U.S has ruled in favour of timeshare exit attorney Mitchell Reed Sussman. The resort had been accusing the firm of falsely advertising timeshare exit services, a tactic that most large resorts have been employing of late.

Following a battle in the courts, the judge ruled in favour of the firm, stating the resorts accusations were without merit and the firm were acting within the law and any statements they made on their website about being able to help people in the U.S end their timeshare contracts were “literally true”.

During proceedings, the judge heard from timeshare owners who explained how resort representatives had lied and went to extraordinary lengths just to make a sale. Several witnesses also described how once they were converted to a holiday points system, there is no limit on how many points a resort can sell, so when an individual tries to book they will often find no availability for vacations and what they paid for.

In a statement on their website Sussman writes: “Timeshare developers have been bullying people into signing contracts they don’t want and can’t afford for years.” Sussman claims that these tactics are just another example of the economic divide that exists in our country with mammoth corporations taking advantage of the little guy. “Luckily, the courts are beginning to see what the developers are trying to do.”

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