In this update we focus our attention upon the timeshare resort of WimPen the owner operators of the El Marques Resort based in Tenerife.

We wrote to WimPen challenging our client’s timeshare agreement and our correspondence was greeted with a response from the El Marques manager Mr Ian C Crane. This gentlemen did not mixed his words when writing direct to our client pointing out that she has been scammed by Praetorian Legal and she would be well advised to give us a wide berth.

He went onto advise our client that the El Marques resort timeshares were initially sold under the most respectable brand of George Wimpey one of the most ethical sales forces within the timeshare industry. Was there such a timeshare sales force?

We cannot dispute what he says as we do not know otherwise. It is a pity the ethics of Mr Wimpey have not filtered down throughout the organisation in the latter years. Mr Crane was clearly not trained to adopt those same ethics when making his unsubstantiated libellous remarks in his letter writing to our client.

It would appear that the ‘scam advice’ a is common theme across all timeshare resorts. We have a theory on this and that is that timeshare owners possess one thing in common, they all have a trusting nature and believe a lot of what these unscrupulous timeshare resorts say, as they did when they were by and large conned into buying their timeshares.

This makes timeshare owners an easy prey for these timeshare vultures. However, our tenacity to resist this kind of criticism has been inadvertently overlooked by these timeshare resorts.

The message to Mr Crane is that your libellous raving has failed and we will continue in our quest to bring these unjust untested timeshare agreements to an end by whatever means necessary. It is most interesting how when the mud slinging fails the resorts appear to go very quiet and when we invite them to take further action we are met with a wall of silence.

What has happened to the initial aggressive approach Mr Crane? It would appear that the day of reckoning is now upon you and the ball is firmly in your court.

We will keep our Blog updated when we eventually hear from the charming Mr Crane and his organisation WinPen.

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