We have been made aware of a seedling thread that is sure to bring the timeshare trolls out in force. Timeshare Talk now have a thread on their forum ‘Praetorian Legal-Data Protection’ and the author of the thread is the anonymous ‘fedupmum’. The theme of the thread is that Praetorian Legal are heavily involved in making irritation cold calls to this currently anonymous person, do keep in mind the words ‘currently anonymous person’.

Now we have a theory and we are out to prove our theory correct. Our theory is that fedupmum’s post is a bogus person who has an interest in trying to damage our good name and reputation because that is what the timeshare trolls are all about. Anyone who has used our service will know that we operate ethically and we never cold call anyone without cause or need to do so. However, we stand secretly accused of the timeshare’s most heinous crime ‘cold calling’. Our cold calling has really got to fedupmum so much so she has made a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office……Sorry rewind, no we have annoyed her so much with our cold calling that she HASN’T made a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office, she has gone to a much higher authority TIMESHARE TALK!! That’s like throwing a cup of water on a raging inferno….it will do nothing!!

So good people what do we make of this?

Fedupmum is, well, really fed up with these nuisance telephone calls from this terrible cold calling scam company Praetorian Legal. She knows our name, she knows our website, she will then also have our data protection registration number. We know she has internet access as she is posting to threads on Timeshare Talk about how fed up she is. So we are puzzled, and we wish we had detective Columbo (yes you remember him) at our disposal as he would be able to answer our question.

Our question is, why does fedupmum not simply go onto the Information Commissioners Office website the link is here >> https://ico.org.uk/ and download this complaint form here>>> https://www.westmidspolfed.com/media/downloads/ico-datap-how2comp-form.pdf fill it out and report us, nothing could be easier, could it? No fedupmum would rather complain about Praetorian Legal on a public forum where people are also advising her to report us……so why doesn’t she just report us?

So this is why –

fedupmum hasn’t got any reason to report us as she has never received a cold from Praetorian Legal. Fedupmum is a timeshare troll who at this moment in time thinks that from the safety of her computer keyboard she can publish libelous material and never be found out a bit like this silly chappie from Telford in Shropshire Mr Jason (Jay) Page who has now landed himself with a £ 100,000.00 damages and legal bill for placing bogus reviews about an American lawyer who he thought would never be able to uncover his true identity. How wrong he was when he appeared before the great libel judge Sir David Eady to whom I have personally been cross examined by in the High Court in a similar libel matter which resulted in David Eady awarding my client £ 50,000.00 in damages against a timeshare forum funnily enough. We think the operator of Timeshare Talk will be able to confirm that this is true! But for those interested in reading the Page-v-Bussy case please see here>>> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2983150/British-internet-troll-posted-bad-review-American-lawyer-Google-faces-100-000-libel-bill-target-successfully-sued-him

So our attention now turns to Timeshare Talk the forum owners and the disclosure of the thread contributors:

1. Fedupmum
2. Charlie1 AKA Graham Williams.

Our media lawyers are instructed to expose these brave keyboard warriors at all costs and bring them before the court. The attack on our good name and reputation will not be tolerated and we will expose these provocateurs and this forum for what it is.

For the benefit of all of our loyal clients we will bring you updates as we progress matters.

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