Here at Praetorian Legal we represent many owners of holiday products with Heritage Resorts, whose main point of contact is a Mr Norman Anderson. In fact, Norman Anderson appears to be the only point of contact at Heritage Resorts.

Following on from our press release on the 17 November 2017, which can be seen here, we highlighted the way in which of Heritage Resorts and Norman Anderson operate.

A cursory search of the term ‘Norman Anderson Heritage Resorts’ in Google will provide an insight into the sort of man that Mr. Anderson is. He is often … Read more

As highlighted in the 2017/18 business plan, the FCA (“Financial Conduct Authority”) are concerned that there may be a lack of Accountability, potential conflicts of interest and irresponsible lending in the motor finance industry. They will conduct an exploratory piece of work to identify who uses these products and assess the sales processes, concentrating on whether the products cause harm and the due diligence that firms undertake before providing motor finance.

Since publishing their 2017/18 Business Plan, the FCA have continued their work to identify potential areas of consumer harm in the motor finance market.

The majority of new car … Read more