Many timeshare holders and frequent holiday makers of the 5 star Fortina Hotel in Malta have started to post on the ever popular TripAdvisor site. Unfortunately, it appears that the hotel is due to close in December 2017.

Timeshare owners have received a letter from a company called Mercury Direct informing them that the hotel will not be operating after December 2017.

At this moment in time, timeshare owners are being offered the chance to move their timeshare to the Fortina’s 4 star sister hotel. This news has not gone down well with the community. With posts on TripAdvisor suggesting that the hotel is not on par with the current 5-star offering.

The perennial problem of maintenance fees is also raising it’s ugly head.

Fortina Hotel timeshare owners are in limbo as they are concerned as to whether they will be expected to pay maintenance fees for their current timeshare in December once due.

If you have been affected by the closure of the Fortina Hotel, the closure of a different hotel or termination of a company with a points based system, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with timeshare termination.

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