News hit the internet in May 2017 that TATOC “The Association of Timeshare Owners Committees Limited” went into administration. In reviewing material posted online, TATOC appeared to lose the support of some of the industries well known resorts such as Silverpoint and RDO.

TATOC were said to earlier have worked alongside the Citizens Advice Bureau, who, as part of their service, refer clients to companies who will assist in timeshare termination or who offer similar services.

It is apparent that the following mission statement made by TATOC to safeguard and enhance the Timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective Read more

From information posted online, Silverpoint have changed their name to Signallia.

Having looked at the Club Paridiso website, it promotes their Concierge service. Should you wish to contact the team at Club Paridiso, you will need to write to Signallia Group DMCC, Dubai.

It appears that Club Paridiso/Signallia, are stepping away from selling timeshare and are moving into the Concierge/lifestyle market. From watching the promotional video on their website, they are selling luxurious holidays with the additional Concierge service.

Recently, Silverpoint have lost a case brought against them through the Arona courts in Tenerife and have been ordered … Read more