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Once we have terminated the timeshare, each client receives an Exit Pack. Each Exit Pack contains various documents, one being a testimonial form. There are various questions on the form asking the client to rate us out of 10 on different aspects of the service they received. We also ask the client to add any additional comments to the bottom of the form.

Upon receipt, the testimonials are reviewed by senior management to ensure we are providing … Read more

Billion dollar lawsuit filed against Diamond Resorts International

There have been many judgements entered against companies for the sale of timeshare products. The majority of cases have, thus far, been issued within Spain. So far, the Supreme Court are said to have made 42 rulings in timeshare release matters.

It has cost the industry significantly. All this because, for years, companies have ignored the laws put into place in 1999 relating to timeshare products, which are there to protect the consumer. However, this now pales into insignificance with the latest lawsuit in America.

An online post shows that Diamond Resorts … Read more