A woman from Northern Ireland was focused by a fraudster through Facebook, who conned her into a three year relationship.

 The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was lured into the relationship which started three years ago, but just three months in he started to ask for money from her.

It started with the romance fraudster asking her for money so he could send his children to England for a better education, but developed into him asking for money to invest in Ghana and Dubai. In total, she sent the man more than £300,000 which was deposited into different accounts … Read more

Michelle Szombara has now been declared bankrupt after meeting a man on a dating website. Alan Clarkson stole more than £60,000 from Ms Szombara and her parents. Clarkson turned up at her house one day with a few items of clothing and did not leave for four years. He then started to claim he was penniless, in debt and could not access his bank accounts.

To help legitimise his con, Clarkson created fake emails from financial organisations and produced fake paperwork to fool her into believing he had money in another bank account and could pay her back.

Ms Szombara … Read more

A British woman has been conned out of hundreds of thousands of pounds by a fraudster who pretended to be actor Jason Statham.

The woman, who spoke to BBBC Radio Manchester, asked not to be named and explained how she had been targeted by the heartless fraudster at one of the most vulnerable times in her life. She told the station how she had just lost her mother and fiancé when she was contacted by the Fraudster pretending to be the famous actor.

It all started when she was browsing through a Facebook page which is dedicated to the movie … Read more

A criminal gang have been jailed for scamming two women out of £240,000 in an online dating scam.

Three men that had orchestrated a cruel dating scam have been sentenced to more than a decade in prison. Together, the men targeted two victims and managed to extract more than £240,000 from the women who believed they were in loving committed relationships.

Posing as Kevin Churchill and Kevin Thompson the men used internet dating sites and targeted the two women, claiming to be international businessmen. The women believed they were in genuine, loving and happy relationships, the fraudsters built up trust … Read more