The High Court order the compulsory liquidation of scoundrel pension companies for misusing millions of pounds of pension savings and scamming up to 520 pension savers.


Fast Pensions LTD and five other related companies have been closed down in the interest of the public by the High Court. The official receiver in the Public Interest Unit North division is now the liquidator in charge.

The Insolvency Service discovered that 520 pension savers were tricked into investing £21 Million in 15 pension schemes, which now appear to be bogus.

Between 2012 and 2013, 520 people were rascal into transferring their … Read more

Action Fraud has revealed that two people have reported to the service, that they have lost more than £1 million each to pension scams. However, Action Fraud believes this is only the tip of the iceberg as many victims never contact the authorities to report it and so the total amount of people who have handed over such large pension pots is unknown.

In 2017, the average loss of pension scams was £91,000. Victims reported receiving cold-calls, offers of free pension reviews and promises that they would get high return rates, all of these promises are warning signs of … Read more