In a press release on the UK governments website, it claims teletext will face legal action if it does not pay back over £7 million to customers whose package holidays were cancelled due to the pandemic.

The Competition and Markets Authority, which is government run, opened an investigation back in February after receiving hundreds of complaints from Teletext customers. Because of the pandemic and the Limitations on travel, most of us that booked a holiday, missed out but under UK law if this happens, people should receive a full refund within 14 days. But the investigation showed customers were not … Read more

Low budget Airline EasyJet has been slammed online for asking a passenger who was forced to sit on a seat with no back, to remove the picture from twitter.

 The image was shared on social media, and showed a passenger on board a flight from Luton from Geneva, perched on the edge of her seat which had no back to it. The image appeared on Twitter with the caption ‘how can this be allowed?’

The passenger who posted the picture told the Sun Online that his partner was flying from Luton to Geneva when they spotted the seating fault. When … Read more

A family who went on a dream holiday to the US were told they couldn’t sit with their three young children, aged just 2, 4 and 6.

The family were stranded abroad after United Airlines refused to let the family sit together. Lois Herbert and her family took a trip of a lifetime to the US to celebrate her 30th birthday, but the trip came to a disastrous end when they arrived at Denver airport and were told something was wrong with their booking.

The family spared no expense on their £30,000 holiday, even upgrading the seven plane ticketsRead more

Birmingham Airport has unveiled £14 Million worth of improvements aimed at reducing congestion for passengers. Last year the airport faced a barrage of complaints after queues built up and some passengers actually missed flights.

They will expand their do it yourself check-in areas designed to make checking in much faster. They also have a new liquid preparation area which reduces queuing in security aisles. The facility has new booths where passengers can clearly see what is and isn’t allowed and what should be bagged up.

The aviation minister, Baroness Sugg, visited Birmingham airport to see some of the changes for … Read more