Tens of thousands of passengers are facing major upheaval after a drone attack grounded flights. Gatwick airport said 11,000 passengers on 760 flights were delayed when authorities noticed two devices flying over the perimeter fence. Gatwick closed its runway Wednesday night just after 9pm, when the drones were spotted, in what police say is a deliberate act of disruption. The runway briefly opened in the early hours of the morning, but closed again 45 minutes later when another drone was spotted. Police were unable to shoot the drone down because of the risk from stray bullets, but Gatwick officials … Read more

UK Flights with Primera Air have been cancelled, as the airline ended more than 200 flight routes from Birmingham Airport, affecting thousands of passengers.

Just 4 months after launching flights from Birmingham airport, a budget airline has announced it is abandoning flights to all 7 destinations in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands.

Primera Air says the services will end during September and October. An average passenger drop of 1800 a day in the first half of this year, compared to last, is said to be the reason why.

Despite being peak summer season for all the airlines, Primera say there … Read more

Hundreds of passengers flying from East Midlands Airport took off from the airport, but their luggage stayed behind.

The passengers flying from the airport didn’t know a technical issue meant their bags did not board the flight. The airport has apologised for the issue and said the fault is now fixed. However, travellers were furious about the incident and took to social media to blast the airport.

One blogger wrote: “Absolute chaos for all flights leaving from East Midlands Airport today, failure of baggage belts and numerous flights leaving without bags, ground crew at arrival airports next to uselessRead more