Home buyers are being warned that fraudsters are out to steal their money and to be on guard when purchasing a new property.

Action Fraud has issued the warning after a charity worker who was about to purchase his first home, had £67,000 stolen after hackers Blocked emails between him and his solicitor.

It is known as Conveyancing fraud and is committed when criminals hack into the email chains between sellers and buyers and their solicitors and estate agents.  The fraudster will wait for the right time, usually the day of the sale, and send a spoofed email informing the … Read more

A mum of two from Birmingham was left in debt after scammers raided her bank account over a five day long sophisticated scam.

The Mirror reports how Hannah Greaves was tricked by cruel fraudsters who convinced her they were working on behalf of her banks fraud department. The fraudsters built up a credible story over the course of five days and were able to gain her trust, before stealing over £9,000.

Hannah said: “I can’t believe how believable the fraudsters were. They seemed to know my bank, NatWest’s website inside out, the layout of the screens and the language the … Read more