If you are a timeshare owner and happen to have stumbled upon a website called Timeshare Taskforce then BEWARE. This is the site set up by the very people who are determined to keep you in timeshare misery.

The initiative was setup by the RDO (Resort Development Organisation) who as many of you will know are the organisation who control and supposedly police the timeshare industry and resorts. Let us make it clear here, they are money people and are only interested in resort owners interests, they have no … Read more

MacDonald Resorts & Network Credit Services of Hamilton – Harassment of Timeshare Owners!!!!

For all our MacDonald timeshare owners we must bring this cosy little relationship, MacDonald & Network Credit Services to everyone’s’ attention. We have many MacDonald timeshare owners who wish to exit their timeshare due to MacDonald’s onerous agreement which is well documented via the various press and media publications.

It is interesting to note that whilst MacDonald take a robust and no nonsense approach, so they would have us believe, they have not taken legal action against any of our clients to date. We have written to … Read more

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Reported “Timeshare Con Victims 80 Million Pound Refund!” is Misquoted by UK National Newspaper – The Mail

We recently commented on this Blog upon an extraordinary claim made in a story published by a respected national UK newspaper, The Mail in their “This is Money” consumer column. The article was written by journalist Sarah Bridge who we emailed and telephoned asking for clarification on her article and the source of her information. Surprisingly, Ms Bridge did not reply to our email nor did she reply to our voicemail message that we left for her. [/two_third_last]… Read more

We have received yet another report of Resort Solutions writing to another of our clients advising them that Praetorian Legal are a ‘fraudulent’ company. We are yet to receive a copy of the offending letter but the client was rather alarmed by the content of the Resort Solutions letter, so she said.

It is quite ironic that Resort Solutions should put such comments in writing or even that they should make such a comment in the knowledge that we have successfully defended formal proceedings issue by one of the timeshare resorts that they manage. The proceedings even had their address … Read more

Move aside Mrs Baxendine, you’re far too nice. Bring on the big guns – Mr Stuart Valentine (Chairman of Council) enters the fray.

We have received an eloquently worded 14 Point letter outlining Stouts Hill’s robust position. We won’t go over the 14 points in detail but will briefly outline the rather naïve comments of Mr Valentine.

Points 1 to 3 outline the management committee’s professionalism and the nice and fluffy approach they take towards their members. It like a reassurance from your Father that you’re in safe hands.

Points 4 & 5 addresses those nasty unregulated, unqualified lot at … Read more

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This Is Money: Timeshare con victims given £80m refund as Task Force tries to clean up industry’s tarnished reputation


This Is Money is a consumer page of the national newspaper The Mail and The Mail Online. It reports that timeshare con victims have benefited to the tune of 80 million pounds brought about by the timeshare industry appointed watchdog Timeshare Task Force which it says was formed just one short year ago. See This Is Money article here>>> http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2754835/Timeshare-victims-given-80m-refund-Task-Force-tries-clean-industrys-tarnished-reputation.html

We would suggest that these are very bold claims and it begs the question how is … Read more

We have recently been informed that people seeking advice about their timeshare problems and who have consulted with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) are no longer being referred to TATOC & RDO. It has long been considered that these two organisations are the authority on timeshare.

TATOC being the consumer champions being the self proclaimed ‘elected consumer body’ and RDO being the resort owners taskmasters who police the resorts and oversee ethics within the timeshare industry. The words Ethics and Timeshare are an unlikely pairing in the world of timeshare and it is puzzling as why this sudden change by … Read more

Daniels Silverman are the debt collectors of choice for several timeshare resorts. We have a hotline email to Daniels Silverman’s Wareham collection centre.

Now, when we write to the various timeshare resorts outlining our client’s position we always send our initial letters via international registered post. We often receive notification that the letter has been signed for but rarely do we receive a reply.

The timeshare resort’s favourite tactic is to send the matter to the debt collectors of choice. Enter Daniels Silverman equipped with their hobnailed boots. Our clients receive the usual ‘shock and awe’ threats within their standard … Read more

In this update we focus our attention upon the timeshare resort of WimPen the owner operators of the El Marques Resort based in Tenerife.

We wrote to WimPen challenging our client’s timeshare agreement and our correspondence was greeted with a response from the El Marques manager Mr Ian C Crane. This gentlemen did not mince his words when writing direct to our client pointing out that she has been scammed by Praetorian Legal and she would be well advised to give us a wide berth.

He went onto advise our client that the El Marques resort timeshares were initially sold … Read more

Resort Solutions Limited of Market Harborough, Leicestershire are the management company behind many timeshare resorts and we have had numerous dealings with this organisation on behalf of our clients.

This organisation have a unique way of dealing with our correspondence. When they receive a Praetorian Legal letter challenging a client’s timeshare agreement the first thing they do is write to the client and warn them that we are a scam company or a company of disrepute thereby warning the timeshare owner to stop dealing with ourselves.

They then go onto tell the owners that there is no way out of … Read more